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GodCenteredWealth – New MLM Offers Great Promise

The newly-launched GodCenteredWeath.com. is the lead page for the Texas-based company, Zurvita.  Opened to the public in early 2008, Zurvita is quickly gaining momentum as one of the hottest new MLM’s to come along. Backed by the multi-million-dollar Amacore corporation, the company is built on an extremely solid financial base, giving it a huge advantage over most startups.

One of the trademarks of Zurvita is it’s uncompromising commitment to glorifying God within its business model while helping people to achieve financial independence. Founder and CEO, Mark Jarvis, openly shares his Christian faith in his introduction to the business and states that "the one purpose behind this business is to raise the standard of people’s lives."

The high standards of integrity and the exceptional level of assistance offered to new associates have helped Zurvita to skyrocket past competitors in recent months.  The company offers a variety of products and services that focus on saving money on things that people would normally spend their money on anyway.  Many people find this feature extremely lucrative, since they are not required to purchase anything "special" or to meet any type of monthly quota to qualify for company bonuses.

Forr more information, go to GodCenteredWeath.com.