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Can You Really Make Money With Your Blog?

Since I’m starting my internet marketing ventures with a blog, I thought it might be good to find some products that actually show you HOW to create a successful blog and, especially important, how to make money with them.

To do this, I went out and bought two different programs, BLOGGING FOR RICHES and it’s competitor, BLOGGING TO THE BANK.  I figured the cost would be worth the investment.  Years ago, I was a teacher so I know that investing in your education is important if you want to succeed.

After looking at both products, I’m undecided about which one is "BEST."  Both offer a lot of value and are a real help in learning how to set up everything to succeed in internet marketing.

BLOGGING FOR RICHES has a series of videos as well as different themes and plugins that they recommend you use to monetize your blog.  While some of the videos are a little short, the content is solid and they offer lots of examples to follow.

BLOGGING TO THE BANK , on the other hand, seems to offer much more content for the initial amount you pay for the product.  Lots of videos as well as practical guidance and bonus software downloads.  There’s also a monthly membership to get in on the latest tips and tricks of the trade.

Investing in any product that is going to help you MAKE money is a good investment.  (As Robert Kyosaki, the author  of RICH DAD, POOR DAD, states, use your money to buy ASSETS if you want to create wealth.

In summary, both products are well worth the money, but have distinct benefits.  I would recommend starting with one and then moving on to the next one after you’ve implemented what you learn.  The most important thing is to actually DO the steps they teach you.  Otherwise you’re just wasting your time and money.

Happy Blogging.