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Make Money Online Real Fast

Most people want to know how to make money online real fast.  They don’t want to wait around forever while their marketing websites get picked up by Google and the other search engines.  They want to get the cash now.

Anyone who has been on the internet for any time also realizes that there are more than enough scams to go around.  Everywhere you turn, there is a new gimmick trying to lure the latest sucker into opening their wallet and pulling out their credit card.

The question is, how can you tell when an online business opportunity is the real deal or not?  The answer is not as simple as you’d like to think.

For one thing, ignore the fancy marketing pages that try to razzle-dazzle you with exciting music and exciting visuals.  More often than not, the flashier the presentation, the more likely that the “stuff” inside will be a letdown.

What you need to look for is a business that has a proven track record.  Who started the business and how successful have they been at making OTHER people successful?

I’m sick and tired of seeing the latest guru sporting a Lamborghini parked in front of a Hollywood mansion telling me how successful he’s been.  That doesn’t matter to me.  It just means he’s been good at taking other people’s money.  The real question for me is how many others have become wealthy through his business.

The second thing you need to consider is the SYSTEM that is in place to help you succeed. You need to join a successful TEAM that is going to show you step-by-step exactly what you need to do to be successful. Without a supportive team and an easy-to-follow system, you will be left to figure things out on your own … which in most cases means that you’re going to fall flat on your face.

Finally, you need to be in a business that offers REAL value to people.  There is so much hype and get-rich-quick nonsense floating around cyberspace that amounts to nothing more than vibrating electrons.  The products or services you offer need to actually HELP people in some way, either through education, physical products or practical aids.

Darren Gaudry’s newly released MyInternetBusiness fits the bill for all of these.  Darren has worked on the internet full-time for over ten years and, more importantly, has literally helped THOUSANDS of normal, everyday people to achieve financial freedom working from home.

He has also created an effective and easy-to-follow SYSTEM that automates much of the marketing process.  The products he packages are a virtual vault of some of the best programs and information products available on the web.  In other words, he EXCELS at offering VALUE to his customers and business partners.

So while there are a lot of options out there to make money online real fast, make sure you choose the right one.  It will literally change your life.

The Journey to Internet Marketing Success with Blogging

Okay, here we go.  The journey is set to begin.  I take a deep breath … and jump in … I’ve taken my first steps toward making money with an online business by using blogging.

Ahhgggg ….

That’s kind of how I felt when I first came to the internet with the hopes of making money on the internet with blogging.  For one thing, I didn’t know the first thing about blogging and was more than a little confused about how to do it successfully.

Thankfully, I found a program called Blogging for Riches which not only walked me through the basics, but helped me with the more advanced topics of using plugins, social networking and how to "monetize" your site.

Another resource I’ve found extremely helpful is a site called Niche Blog Marketing at  Blueskybrothers.com.  I check there regularly to find updated tips and tricks on how to use my blog more effectively.  One of the site’s owners, Greg Meares, has tons of experience and willingly shares a lot of his secrets.

One of the things I want  do with this blog is to record my journey of the things I’m learning as I go along.  I used to be a teacher and one of the most significant things I learned through that experience is that the best way to learn anything is to write it down. 

So that’s what I’ll be doing here.  I’ll be sharing my experiences, including my victories and my frustrations, as I go through here and try to understand everything better.  I welcome your comments and your questions as we go along. In fact, I look forward to them.  Hopefully we can learn from each other.

And so we’re off … Wish me luck and … even better, come back to visit to say hello.

All the Best,

Tim  "the big hula monkey"