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Apple’s 3G iPhone: The Anticipation Builds

Apple chief executive Steve Jobs is expected to unveil the highly anticipated Apple 3G iphone later today.  There’s been more excitement over this new release than even Apple expected.  Sources have confirmed some modifications to the devices exterior design, including tapered edges and a glossy plastic back cover, which will give it an even more sleek design.

There are a lot of rumors flying around about what exactly the new device will include.  Some prognosticators are mentioning features like a front-facing camera for video conferencing, GPS and a significantly increased storage capacity.  The new Apple 3G phone is also touting a much faster interface with wireless technology and the ability to connect with corporate email systems.  This latest feature seems to come as an effort to lure more corporate clients away from the popular Blackberry and to entice more international buyers.

Apple has sold approximately five and a half million iphones to date — a small fraction of the global cell phone market.  This new release may help to increase their market share.

There is also speculation that the new Apple 3G iphone will be less expensive.  This could be the nudge that many have been waiting for.  We’ll find out soon.