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Too Much Fun Making Money Online

Some people just have too much fun once they start making money online. Check out this whacky video from BeBlessedWithWealth.com.  Fun stuff.

You really can make money on the internet if you know what you’re doing.  It’s important to be a part of a team who will help you to learn how to market. Regardless of what business you’re doing, marketing is the key to success.


YouTube, Fantasy Football and Circuit City: What Do They Have To Do With MyInternetBusiness?

Fantasy football, as many of you already know, has become a national craze in the U.S. No longer limited to balding ex-jocks standing around the office water cooler, it has captured the frenzied attention of millions of rabid fans.
This mass hysteria has become so popular, in fact, that electronics mega-retailer, Circuit City, recently secured a deal with YouTube to sponsor an exclusive channel on the video website dedicated to the growing fan base.
The new site is a Mecca of sorts for armchair analysts and Monday morning quarterbacks.  It plans to host a cast of amateur commentators as well as inviting users to upload their own video analysis which will be judged by viewers.
So what does all this have to do with MyInternetBusiness? Simple. … Know your market and give them what they are looking for.
Fantasy football fans love to talk about their teams and to share their experiences, ideas and opinions with other like minded people. They’re looking for a community. YouTube and Circuit City have teamed together to provide them with one.
People who are looking for ways to make money on the internet are looking for something else. They’re looking for a system that provides them with the tools and training they need to make money online. They’re looking for financial freedom.
The team at MyInternetBusiness has provided this. Not only is their system one of the best business models on the internet, the tools and hands-on training they offer is unparalleled.

If you’re looking for a home-based business, you need to take a serious look at MyInternetBusiness It’s a system that works. This game is not a fantasy. Play it right and you win big time.

Why Use the Internet for a Home Business?

A lot of people are looking for a legitimate home business to earn some extra income. Some are turning to traditional network marketing opportunities, while others are turning to the internet. Which is better?

There are strengths and drawbacks to both business models. For most people, however, the chance of achieving real success weighs heavily toward using the internet. For one thing, the failure rate for tradition network marketing companies is near 97%. Plus most people simply don’t want to chase after family and friends, which is a typical network marketing strategy, to build their business.

Marketing on the internet, on the other hand, not only avoids jeopardizing your relationships through pursuing family and friends, but it literally opens up your market to millions of people who are LOOKING for the kind of opportunity you’re offering. Join this with the value offered through an online business like MyInternetBusiness and the odds of making some REAL money is significantly increased, especially if you join with a team who is committed to training you and giving the tools you need to succeed.

So given the two ways of making extra money through a home business, the internet and companies like MyInternetBusiness are the clear favorite.

Push Marketing … Pull Marketing… Which is Better?

There’s been some debate lately about which type of internet marketing is more effective … "Push" marketing or "Pull" Marketing.  The answer may surprise you.

Some definitions may be in order. "Push" marketing is where the marketer sends his or her marketing message directly to the prospect.  This would include methods such as email, telemarketing, etc.  "Pull" marketing, on the other hand, is where marketers attempt to attract prospects to their site through some other means, such as a blog or article, and then present the marketing message only when someone visits. Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages over the other.

With the advent of Web 2.0, there has been a tremendous emphasis on the merits of "Pull" marketing.  Pull marketing, by it’s very nature, feels much less "salesy" and softens the natural resistance that most of us have toward someone trying to sell us something.  Pull marketing works by building a foundation of trust and credibility first and then allowing the marketing message to come across as more of a recommendation from a trusted source rather than as an overt sales pitch.

The driving force behind Pull marketing is content.  Quality content attracts visitors who are interested in the information you are providing.  Since the visitor is the one initiating the contact (by visiting your website), she is much less resistant to any marketing messages presented. This is assuming, of course, that your marketing is crafted in an effective manner that comes across as a "recommendation" instead of a sales pitch.

While the current trend is decidedly leaning toward the merits of Pull marketing, the virtues of Push marketing should not be dismissed too quickly.  Push marketing is much more "direct" and can be incredibly effective in connecting with potential prospects.  Would you rather market to the internet at large or have a targeted list of people who know who you are, like you and are interested in what you’re marketing?  In my opinion, the list is a clear winner.

The use of opt-in forms to build a targeted email list is absolutely essential to success in internet marketing.  Through prewritten messages in an autoresponder and the ability to "broadcast" to your list, you can quickly build a strong relationship and build trust.  As with Pull marketing, this element is essential.

The use of SPAM and "Blast-Your-Ad-To-Ten-Million-Emails" types of Push marketing methods are a nuisance and a waste of everybody’s time and money.  Don’t even think about trying this.  It doesn’t work and it could potentially get you in a lot of trouble.

The truth is, the most effective marketing on the internet is a combination of both Push and Pull methods.  Every blog should have an opt-in form to your autoresponder so that you can build a "list."  Every article you write should have a reference to your webpage, which should also have an opt-in form. 

Once people subscribe to your list, you should be consistent in sending them informative emails that work primarily to build trust and credibility.  Bombarding your list with an ongoing litany of sales pitches is a mistake and will result in people UNsubscribing faster than those opting in.  Quality content is still king, regardless of which method you use.  If you take this approach, when you DO send out a marketing message to your list, there will be a much higher response.

So build a marketing strategy that includes BOTH "Pull" and "Push" methods and you’ll soon find yourself succeeding as an internet marketer.

New MyInternetBusinessnet.com Released

As a platinum member of MyInternetBusiness, I’m always looking for new ways to share the amazing home business opportunity that MyInternetBusiness offers to people wanting to earn a full-time income working only part time from home.

To do this, I just launched a new informative website called MyInternetBusinessnet.com.  The site offers much more than a quick overview.  There are several pages of content explaining the products and services offers as well as an overview of the training that members will receive when they join the Mentors4U team.

In addition, I’ve added a short video to help people to better understand the type of opportunity that MyInternetBusiness offers.

If you are serious about earning money on the internet and want to be trained by a team of professionals who will show you step-by-step how to succeed in this industry, then I encourage you to visit my new MyInternetBusinessnet.com website.

Good luck with your marketing.

Tim McGraw Kicks Some Butt

Okay, I can’t really say that I’m a huge Tim McGraw fan, but I do respect a man who is willing to stand up for a woman being harassed or abused.  In a concert at White River, Tim apparently spotted a woman in the crowd who was being harassed by a nearby fan. 

After calling for security, he took matters into his own hands, so to speak, and hauled the offender onto the stage. Just before the incident came to blows, the guys from security stepped in and carried the guy off.  Even though the guy was pretty big, I think McGraw would have held his own.

Even if you don’t care for country music, you gotta respect a guy willing to help out someone in need.

Changing gears a bit, that’s one thing that MyInternetBusiness does … in a different sort of way, of course.  It helps people who are in need … financial need … to have a business of their own.  Our team shows you how to succeed.

Anyway, here’s to Tim McGraw and everyone out there willing to help.

MyInternetBusiness, Real Life and Golden Retrievers

MyInternetBusiness is what I do.  At least some of the time, anyway. And, to be honest with you, not THAT much of the time.  That’s one of the things I like about having a successful online business.  You don’t have to spend all of your time doing it. That’s really the reason I got started with MyInternetBusiness.  There are more important things I want to do with my life.

MyInternetBusiness is allowing me to focus on my "real life."  Not just punching a clock or doing the corporate deal to make a living.  I read a great book not too long ago called "Make a Life, Not Just a Living" by Ron Jensen.  It helped me to see that there’s a lot more to life than just work and making a living.  The freedom I enjoy through MyInternetBusiness is one of the things that I appreciate most.

In addition to my family, one of the things I enjoy are my two golden retrievers, Denali and Sierra. I don’t know if you have a pet, but these two blond sisters have brought a ton of fun and laughter into my days and nights.  They are always so joyful and full of life.  You can’t help but smile when you spend time with them and see how happy they are with life. I think they could teach all of us a thing or two.

So lighten up. Focus on what’s really important in your life. If you want financial freedom, check out MyInternetBusiness.  Whatever you decide to do, always remember that your life is a lot more important that what you’re doing to make a living.  I also recommend getting to know a golden retriever or two.  It’ll do you good.

MyInternetBusiness Without Darren Gaudry … Good or Bad?

With Darren Gaudry’s sudden exit from MyInternetBusiness, many people are wondering about the future of the company and if it’s still a good business to be involved with.  I’ve received a number of questions asking what’s going on and if they should go ahead and join.

My answer … GREAT things are happening … NOW is the best time to get in because a LOT of people will be joining once they introduce the next phase!

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Darren Gaudry is an internet marketing genius.  This genius was a major component in creating MyInternetBusiness from the start.  His absence from the day-to-day operations, however, does not in the least threaten the solid marketing machine that he helped to build.

In fact, there is a lot of excitement around the MyInternetMarketing business community.  They are getting ready to launch a second "phase" of the business (which Darren Gaudry helped to build before his departure) and which is going to generate a number of exciting additions to the already well-endowed program. The details are due to be released next week.

So while Darren Gaudry will be missed, his departure seems to be stirring a new level of excitement and growth by the company itself.  Changes like this are not uncommon among major brands and have often preceded a major growth in market share as new ideas and strategies are implemented.

MyInternetBusiness is still one of the fastest growing and most exciting opportunities for internet entrepreneurs.  The level of quality products and sophisticated marketing technologies make this one of the best bets around.

Darren Gaudry Leaves MyInternetBusiness … A Shocking Announcement

The driving force behind the creation of the wildly successful MyInternetBusiness announced today that he is stepping down as co-leader of the company. Darren Gaudry, the co-founder and co-creator of MyInternetBusiness announced on YouTube that he is leaving the company and handing over the leadership to the two partners who helped him to create and launch the hugely successful internet marketing business phenomenon.

While the real reason behind Gaudry’s exit may remain obscured behind closed doors, there were subtle nuances in his announcement on YouTube that there may have been a "tiff" among the leadership that he was no longer willing to tolerate.  In his otherwise gracious appearance, Gaudry intimated that he was handing over the reigns to MyInternetBusiness over to his partners so that "they can run the company the way they want to run the company."

Gaudry also encouraged current members of MyInternetBusiness not to feel "abandoned."  He expressed great confidence in the leadership of the company and their ability to continue the successful direction that it seems to be headed.

There is no doubt that Gaudry’s exit will create some stir and that his presence will be missed.  His lighthearted, humorous style was a welcome addition to the web.

Whatever his reason for leaving, I for one, am sorry to see him go.  I am confident, however, that the foundation he laid while helping to build MyInternetBusiness will last and help many, many people to succeed on the internet.  As Gaudry stated in his closing comments, this is a dream that really can come true.

So all the best to Darren Gaudry.  I’m sure we’ll see him tinkering around cyberspace again soon.  He’s too talented to disappear completely.

To Link or Not to Link … That is the Question: Getting Quality Backlinks

Bill Shakespeare would be asking the same question had he been born a little later and taken up internet marketing instead of playwriting. (He would, no doubt, have been a GREAT copywriter!)

There seems to be some confusion (for me at least) on the whole issue of links pointing to and from your webpage.  I keep hearing murmurings of how Google and the other search engine police do not like "reciprocal" links where you basically "trade" links with another webmaster.  They also don’t like links from what they consider to be "bad neighborhoods," such as link farms or pages with no ranking with nothing but outbound links on them.

Most of us realize the importance of "inbound" links or "backlinks" pointing to our webpage, especially from sites with a high "PR" or page ranking.  These essentially count as a "vote" for our site and increase it’s popularity and ranking as a result.

But getting these highly-desirable backlinks from pages with a high PR rating is not as easy as some may think.  You can purchase links from high ranking pages, but this can get expensive and, if you’re paying by the month, your own ranking could fall as quickly as it started if you decide to cancel your subscription.

There has to be a bettter way. One approach that I was happily surprised with is a program by Michelle MacPhearson that shows you how to get one-way backlinks from websites with a PR ranking of 5, 6, 7 or above.  She outlines a 30-minute step-by-step process through her video tutorials that shows you how to create and submit software to online software directories that generate some impressive backlinking results.

While it sounds complicated, it’s actually relatively simple and easy to do.  Michelle’s video tutorials are amazingly easy to follow and the results from her methods are powerful.

There are, of course, many different ways to go about creating backlinks.  I’ve visited a number of forums and webpages with some great advice and tactics for how to create more inbound links to your site.

One of the more popular and effective methods I’ve found is through the use of social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Stumble Upon, Twitter and a host of others.  By "inter-linking" these with your main sales page, your blog, your Squidoo lens, etc., you can quickly create a network of backlinks that the search engine spiders love to feed on.

Another strategy which is working for a lot of people is creating a group, either through Yahoo Groups or some similar type of format, where members post their sites and all agree to add it to their own social bookmarking pages, such as Digg, Stumble Upon, etc.  I’m currently working with my "team" doing this and it’s working great. We all "digg" through each other’s posts and help each other to increase our ranking with the search engine. If you’re curious about joining us, send me an email or comment on this post and I’ll let you into our secret lair. 

So the question of whether to link or not is not really a question.  You absolutely MUST get incoming links or backlinks coming into your site.

Be careful, however, where you get these links from.  Be very conservative on "trading" links.  According to everything I’ve been reading, "reciprocal" linking does very little to help you and could potentially work against you.

Also be careful with how many "outgoing" links you have on your site.  Depending on how many links you have and where they are pointing, you could be shooting yourself in the foot in terms of your standings in the search engines.

All this is, of course, much more complicated and detailed than I am qualified to discuss.  There are some fantastic sites that go into the ins and outs of what to do and what not to do to get quality links coming into your site.  It’s an important topic to consider and to research.

The bottom line is that you will definitely need quality backlinks pointing to your site if you ever want to increase your ranking with the search engines.  It’s worth looking into and doing it right from the start.

Happy Linking.

(P.S. – do me a favor and "Digg" this site … what can I say? … I need a another incoming backlink!)