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New SpiderWebMarketing System 2.0 Launched

Founder and creator Kimball Roundgood recently launched the newest version of his SpiderWeb Marketing System through a worldwide webinar this week, causing quite a buzz around cyberspace.

The completely "FREE" system includes over 22 potential streams of income and, because of it’s zero-cost setup, is gaining popularity very quickly.  Just scanning the internet, it’s amazing how many netpreneures are jumping on board.  The webinar that I attended was packed by cyber-marketers wanting to find out more.

While the 2.0 version of the SpiderWeb Marketing System is still in Beta – which means a few glitches are still being worked out – the system itself seems quite solid. The site offers a "dynamic compression" structure that automatically loads affiliate id’s into each member’s site, guaranteeing that, when visitors are filling out their own systems, that the member’s links are being clicked on.  If someone opts not to join a particular program, the affiliate links from the "upline" member is automatically inserted.

This seems to be the latest and most technically-advanced offering of the "funded proposal" systems that have been successful for online marketers.  Even if a member decides not to pay for any of the services, his placement within the system offers him or her a strong opportunity to earn residual income from the affiliate links embedded within the program.

All in all, this looks like it’s going to be an extremely successful and profitable venture for all concerned.  Hats off to Roundgood and his team for making this available to the average Joe.

For more information, visit SpiderWeb Marketing System.