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Content Or Frequency: SEO Ranking Strategies

Many, if not most, home computer work opportunites come through working on the internet.  The more we understand about marketing on the internet, but more we understand how important SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, becomes.

One question that seems to consistently come around is whether it’s more important to post quality content or to post more frequently (if if the "quality" of the content is less than stellar).

The obvious answer is that you should do both.  Quality content posted frequently is your best bet to getting noticed by the search engines as a site that is "relevant" and, therefore, as worthy of a higher ranking.

But if you had to CHOOSE between the two, I’d have to say … it depends. (How’s that for ambiguity. I should have gone into politics.)

Seriously, it depends.  On the one hand, you can have the most incredible content, but if you only post once a quarter (or less), then you’re going to lose your audience and be viewed by the search engine robots as less "relevant" than some idiot posting garbage three times a week to his blogger blog.

On the other hand, if all you are posting is worthless drivel, eventually people are going to catch on and simply stop visiting.  Garbage is garbage no matter how much of it you throw on the plate.

While I stick by my first suggestion of needing BOTH good content and frequency, I’d have to say … albeit reluctantly, with apologies to Dr. Howard, my college writing professor … that it’s more important to add content frequently than for that content to be high quality.

Why do I say this? (And I know I’m going to get blasted by the purists.)  The reason is, most people and search engine robots, can’t really tell the difference.  This is not a rampage against the education system and the horrific standards of literacy around the world; it’s just a fact.

Now, this can actually be good news for many of us.  The fact that we’re never going to be compared with Hemmingway, Shakespeare or even Dave Berry should no longer stop us from taking a stab at writing content for our website.  If we’re consistent, even our poorly composed drivel can feed the search engines and help toward increasing our standings.

With that said, however, I really DO think that the emphasis should be on creating QUALITY content.  In the long run, it’s a more profitable strategy even if it takes you a little longer to get ranked.  Good stuff sticks around while the drivel gets flushed down the … well, you know.

So the bottom line is to post often, but to post quality content that has value for your readers.

MyInternetBusiness Press Release for Home Computer Work

United States of America (Press Release) June 3, 2008 — The internet marketing community is buzzing over the recent release of Darren Gaudry’s release of MyInternetBusiness for home computer work, which has been heralded by many experts to be ‘the most highly-anticipated launch since Google’. Today we interviewed Tim Wright, a Platinum-level member of MyInternetBusiness and part of the WrightMentors training team.

Prior to its launch, few actual details were known about MyInternetBusienss. Mr. Wright commented that ‘Most people realize that a lot of people have become millionaires through internet marketing, but very few actually believe that THEY themselves are capable of it. MyInternetBusiness is a high-tech, multi-media training system that is designed to provide people with the tools, the software, the mentoring and, most importantly, the Mindset that will allow them to achieve massive wealth working online; something that the majority of internet marketers fail to achieve.’

When asked about the products in MyInternetBusiness, Mr. Wright explained, "Each of the four different levels of ownership within MyInternetBusiness come with their own products, which include Digital products, an exclusive travel club, the NetMillionaire audios, as well as physical products. The digital products include a hugh portfolio of premium internet marketing software selections and a library of educational e-books that teach users, step-by-step, all aspects of the internet marketing industry. The sheer volume of selection is ideal for both novices and veterans alike.’

We then asked Mr. Wright about the physical products, and learned that his personal favorite is the The Net Millionaire Training System , a unique board game/training package which encourages the users to have fun while learning about online wealth-building strategies. ‘We all know that making money is fun,’ Mr. Wright said laughing, ‘This product lets you have fun while you’re LEARNING HOW to make money . It’s a great way to learn for the whole family. It’s similar to Robert Kiyosaki’s popular Cash Flow Quadrant game where you’re having fun but, without even realizing it, you’re also getting a million dollar education.’
The list of exclusive products offered by MyInternetBusiness is being added to almost daily. At the Platinum level, members have access and resale rights to approximately $65,000 worth of products, many of which are exclusive to MyInternetBusiness and unobtainable anywhere else.

Commenting on the video-tutorials and live trainings that are available through the MyInternetBusiness back office, Wright stated, ‘Darren Gaudry and his team have tried to make this system as foolproof as possible. All the tools you could want are included…but it’s critical to have someone who knows how to use these tools to walk you through the process and teach you how to use them. That’s where the WrightMentors training team comes in.’

The WrightMentors training team is a group of top-earners and leaders who provide free training and marketing services to their members. Mr. Wright revealed that they provide a variety of training resources including professionally-designed webpages, email campaigns and even closing services. ‘Yes, we will actually call our members’ interested prospects to close the sale and get them started.’ MyInternetBusiness also provides closing services through professional assistants specifically trained to close sales for members.

‘One of the main things,’ explained Wright, ‘is helping our members to develop Daily Methods of Operation that walk them through step-by-step what actions to do each day to succeed in their business.’

Mr. Wright emphasized in closing, ‘While MyInternetBusiness is an incredibly powerful multi-revenue business opportunity, you need to make sure that you join with an experienced mentoring team like ours that will take the time to make sure you are successful.’

Mr. Wright can be reached for further comment at the address below.

MyInternetBusiness Founder Darren Gaudry Jumps Off Cliff

The creator of MyInternetBusiness, Darren Gaudry, is taking a leap of faith in order to encourage other people to have the confidence to overcome their own fear when it comes to starting a home based business so that they can gain financial freedom through home computer work.


Gaudry understands that a lot of people wanting to work at home are fearful of the hype on the internet and that it takes courage and faith to step out and take action once they find an opportunity that is real.  MyInternetBusiness is the real deal, helping thousands of people gain true financial freedom through the system he had built. Like everything else, however, if you’re not willing to take action, you’re doomed to staying right where you are.

Check out MyInternetBusiness to find out what all the excitement is about.