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Two Keys to Social Network Marketing

Kenji Sakamoto asked:

Social network marketing is hands down one of the most effective ways to grow your business or organization on a grass roots level. However, if not done correctly, it can result in a serious backlash, turning prospective clients from within your niche market away from anything you have to offer. Stay true to two simple rules of thumb and your social network marketing campaign will be a success; ignore them and suffer the wrath of cyberspace.

Be Genuine

People are on social networks to hang out with their friends, to get to know new people and to talk about things that matter to them. Barging in to a social network site with your banner ads and trying to coerce prospective customers into clicking through to your own website amounts to social network marketing suicide.

Genuine interest in what is being discussed in your niche’s social marketing networks should be easy for you to conjure. After all, they love what you love. So get in there and make friends with new people and strike up real, genuine conversations. If you are not truly interested in the subject or if you do not have time to spend hours on social sites, hire someone from your niche market to do it for you. Place a simple link signature at the bottom of each post, so that people can check out your site when and if they please. A genuine approach to social network marketing will naturally result in higher sales, without irritating your target market and making them feel manipulated.

Add Value

Along with striking up genuine friendships while social network marketing, you should also post helpful information, entertaining links and free downloads for all to enjoy. Make sure that everything you are posting is primarily for the viewers’ benefit, not your own. It is a paradox for sure, but by giving things away free and doing it just to be nice, you will gain a loyal following faster than a slick marketing campaign ever could.

A weekly giveaway or a “quote of the day” that fits your niche market to a “t” is a great way to generate organically a growing interest in your company or organization, and all that you have to offer.

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