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MyInternetBusiness Without Darren Gaudry … Good or Bad?

With Darren Gaudry’s sudden exit from MyInternetBusiness, many people are wondering about the future of the company and if it’s still a good business to be involved with.  I’ve received a number of questions asking what’s going on and if they should go ahead and join.

My answer … GREAT things are happening … NOW is the best time to get in because a LOT of people will be joining once they introduce the next phase!

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Darren Gaudry is an internet marketing genius.  This genius was a major component in creating MyInternetBusiness from the start.  His absence from the day-to-day operations, however, does not in the least threaten the solid marketing machine that he helped to build.

In fact, there is a lot of excitement around the MyInternetMarketing business community.  They are getting ready to launch a second "phase" of the business (which Darren Gaudry helped to build before his departure) and which is going to generate a number of exciting additions to the already well-endowed program. The details are due to be released next week.

So while Darren Gaudry will be missed, his departure seems to be stirring a new level of excitement and growth by the company itself.  Changes like this are not uncommon among major brands and have often preceded a major growth in market share as new ideas and strategies are implemented.

MyInternetBusiness is still one of the fastest growing and most exciting opportunities for internet entrepreneurs.  The level of quality products and sophisticated marketing technologies make this one of the best bets around.