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Paul Gardner asked:

Today’s internet marketers are using Social Network Marketing or Multi Referral Marketing to be active with and learn from other internet marketers. They are using Social Network Marketing sites to publicize their primary business. They can publish free advertising there to attract others.

They can establish contacts there and write to and learn about what other marketers are doing and maybe even learn about their success stories. Of course learn about what not to do.

There are marketers who are working these sites as a business. They join the site as a free member. Once joined the member invites others and as they see how their down line of free members is growing, they change their membership to a paid membership to develop the site as a business multi referral market of paid members. They invite others to join the site a as free members. As the free members that join become paid members, the referrer is paid a commission.

A new site called ZENZUU has been developed as a free membership site only and members their are able to sell discount vacation travel. As the site grows with paid advertising, the members will share in 80% of the advertising revenues. As free members there invite other free members they develop a down line and they share more of the advertising revenue by having multiple down lines of free members they invited.

Those that are new to internet marketing are having a good time communicating and learning from experienced marketers that have been in business for many years. The best marketers on these sites realize that marketing is all about giving and sharing and are glad to steer new marketers in the right direction. They in turn find new people to build their teams with new leadership that can turn out to be so exceptional that they benefit many times over what they have given.

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