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Social media marketing is characterized by engaging social networks like online communities, blogs, wikis and other form of networking sites to reach to their niche customers and creating an interest in them. Twitter, Blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr, and UTube are social media marketing tools to create an interest in visiting community.

Social media communities are interactive as well as informative. It is not essential that the Company or website has to keep on writing information about their Company. These sites should be updated regularly for greater interactive ability and hence higher publicity. Once a visitor gets a prompt response from the website owner, then only it is sure to become a permanent member and promote the website through word of mouth.

Social media marketing is a large means of reaching to the customers, simultaneously. Those websites, who have large database of their customers and visitors, can easily interact with them and create interest in their website’s product and services easily.

Social Media Marketing can create a buzz or events that can attract attention from visitors. Buzz ticks and travel through user to user contact.

Multiple online social media venues like Twitter, Facebook are good means of building fans.

It is to be noted that bad sites backfire on social media marketing. Therefore create such sites which are informative in positive manner. Badly designed site will generate negative publicity and devastating effects for that website.

Social media sites are visited almost daily by innumerable visitors. People are registering themselves daily to interact with their friends and make new friends simultaneously.

•    This online marketing technique helps to increase website traffic to a website, irrelevant as well as relevant.

•    It helps to understand user-behavior.

•    Helps detect conversions and keeps record of sales.

•    Networking sites provide page-views and exposure from advertisement.

•    Creating brand awareness amongst lesser known group and popularizing amongst known customers.

•    One of the most important benefits is to create positive brand association and maintaining with full aptitude.

The best part of social media marketing is that it helps in business development and broader customers reach.

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