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 Interesting Facts About Golden Retrievers



Interesting Facts About Golden Retrievers

interesting facts about golden retrieversGolden retrievers are one of the most popular breeds of domesticated dogs.  Their popularity is a result of their sociable, active, and cuddly nature. These lovely canines have carved their own mark in modern society and have filled a variety of different roles such as police dogs, hunting companions, and guide dogs. There are a number of interesting facts about golden retrievers: 

* Golden retrievers were specifically bred to be friendly towards humans which makes them an ideal pet for young children and the elderly.

* Golden retrievers mouths are soft, which allows them to retrieve a lot of different things, including living things, undamaged or unharmed

* Golden retrievers have an instinctive love for water, which is quite different from other dogs.   This makes bathing them a little bit easier and also allows them to help hunt game near bodies of water.

* Golden retrievers were bred specifically with human companionship in mind. A golden retriever that has been deprived of a human companion will typically become stressed and hyperactive. 


Other Interesting Facts About Golden Retrievers.

* Gerald Ford, the 38th president of the United States of America, owned a golden retriever named Liberty.

* Clark Kent’s pet dog Krypto in the TV show Smallville is a golden retriever.

* Golden retrievers need lots of exercise.   They are very energetic and active and would eventually get sick if not given daily exercise.

* Golden retrievers have a much higher pain tolerance than many other dogs, which makes them ideal for more dangerous roles such as police dog and hunting helpers.

* While instinctively fond of water, golden retrievers can still be a challenge to bathe because their coats are very dense and water repellent.

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