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Kurt Henninger asked:

There is a tremendous flurry of interest online in the home business industry about social network marketing and using it to be active on online social communities to get targeted traffic and leads for your business. However, what are the best ones to be on and where should one start their efforts promoting in this kind of community?

The fact remains that many of your best prospects do reside on social networking websites. However, for the best use of your time, just don’t get involved in too many networks, as they can be a huge drain on your time with little return on investment when you get into the smaller ones.

If you really look at it, social communities sites like,, and are the most worthwhile ones to jump into as they are all part of the 20 highest trafficked websites online in the world. is great to become active in, even if it is technically a video sharing and hosting website.

You see, one can become absolutely tied down if you get involved in too many social network marketing communities. Quite a few of them have become a spammers paradise where the only interaction you get on there are individuals emailing each other about their “latest and greatest” opportunity.

Absolutely you need to go and create profiles on each of those social network marketing communities. Include a snipet of information about you, your business, and what you are offering. Also, you really must include a link to either your lead capture page or mlm blog so you have a place for your prospective clients to go to.

However, most importantly, you really need to get on there and socialize with others. Meeting, greeting and interacting with others is the entire purpose of social network marketing webpages, business promotion comes 2nd.

A highly recommended book on the use of social network marketing is by Dave Evans, “Social Media Marketing – An Hour A Day”.

To learn more about how to use social network marketing to help build your business, read below and click on the link for more information.

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