How to Make Money Internet Marketing and is Having a List the Holy Grail Living on the Internet? Tell Us About Internet Marketing and Persistence

rsins asked:

The simple answer to this question is YES, YES and Yesssssss because without a List of names that are eager to buy what you have to offer then its plain as the nose on your face that owning a List is the main ingredient for earning money in the world of Internet Marketing.

The next question you are probably asking yourself is…….How do I go about getting a list?

Well you could pay for one. By that I mean Pay Per Click (PPC) but unless you are a very experienced Internet Marketer this is something I would not advise for the help For the simple reason that you could spend a lot of money and still not get enough product sold to cover your costs then you would get discouraged and most probably give up.

Well lets assume you have a product for a particular Niche, it could be your own or an Affiliate product that you fancy promoting. So now you have to find Free Targeted Traffic that you can send to your web site and this is an art in itself.

Article Marketing is a good start, write an article all about what you know about your product, and in the Bio Box do a link to your website or squeeze page and persuade the prospects to sign up in the Opt in Box and thats the start of your List.

The Golden Rule is Build a Relationship with your List, make them trust and like you. Do not make the mistake of setting up your auto responder to churn out offer after offer. All this will achieve is to turn them off and then you have lost them for ever.

You can then use that article in your Blog with more links to your site.

That is only one way there are many more strategies to List Building which need to be studied and implemented. It takes time and effort but the one thing I will say is Don’t ever ever give up. Keep trying and in the end it will work for you.

Internet Marketing And Persistence

Internet marketing rewards the persistent. Why do I say this? How many web sites go out of business their first year? People get all excited about getting a web site and they go register a name and then they stop when they find they cannot figure out the menu-driven web page builder.

Or they get a web site built, buy some guaranteed traffic, get 5000 hits to their site, no sales, and think, internet marketing must be a scam. No – the guaranteed traffic is a scam.

You see, in internet marketing you have to be big, think big, and do big things. And one of the things you have to do big is learning. You have to learn how to do it. You have to be persistent. You have to keep working even when things get tough. Turn off the TV. Don’t turn it on again until you have made your first $100 online.

Then turn it off again. Don’t turn it on again until you have made your first $1000 online.

Oh, and don’t buy into any of the get-rich-quick schemes online. They are bogus. You cannot generally get rich quick online for the help And the only way to make it long run online is to have a long-term plan. What happens when your current get rich quick scheme goes belly up ( and they usually do)?

Bottom line is, you have to be persistent. Get your own site. Create your own product. Build your own list. Write your own sales page. Write your own emails.


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