Darren Gaudry Leaves MyInternetBusiness … A Shocking Announcement

The driving force behind the creation of the wildly successful MyInternetBusiness announced today that he is stepping down as co-leader of the company. Darren Gaudry, the co-founder and co-creator of MyInternetBusiness announced on YouTube that he is leaving the company and handing over the leadership to the two partners who helped him to create and launch the hugely successful internet marketing business phenomenon.

While the real reason behind Gaudry’s exit may remain obscured behind closed doors, there were subtle nuances in his announcement on YouTube that there may have been a "tiff" among the leadership that he was no longer willing to tolerate.  In his otherwise gracious appearance, Gaudry intimated that he was handing over the reigns to MyInternetBusiness over to his partners so that "they can run the company the way they want to run the company."

Gaudry also encouraged current members of MyInternetBusiness not to feel "abandoned."  He expressed great confidence in the leadership of the company and their ability to continue the successful direction that it seems to be headed.

There is no doubt that Gaudry’s exit will create some stir and that his presence will be missed.  His lighthearted, humorous style was a welcome addition to the web.

Whatever his reason for leaving, I for one, am sorry to see him go.  I am confident, however, that the foundation he laid while helping to build MyInternetBusiness will last and help many, many people to succeed on the internet.  As Gaudry stated in his closing comments, this is a dream that really can come true.

So all the best to Darren Gaudry.  I’m sure we’ll see him tinkering around cyberspace again soon.  He’s too talented to disappear completely.

4 thoughts on “Darren Gaudry Leaves MyInternetBusiness … A Shocking Announcement”

  1. Good question. He just refers to them as “my two partners” but never mentions them by name. I can only assume that, if he joined them to build this thing at the start, he must believe in their abilities (even if his confidence may have waned a bit recently). At least he didn’t call them “a couple of idiots.” Then I’d REALLY be worried. I think (hope) that things are going to work out fine for those of us already in the business. It’s working for me and I think it will continue to do well.

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