Artificial Intelligence Research

What is artificial intelligence research?

For any technology to go to the next level of maturity, extensive research on the subject is important. When it comes to artificial intelligence, nothing can be truer. The field of artificial intelligence is a product of committed research by dedicated scientists. Even today, majority of the artificial intelligence activities are centered in research.

Artificial intelligence has a history of 50 years in research. For these five decades, it has produced number of AI (Artificial intelligence) tools, introduced number of fields in to AI, and introduced number of AI problems.

The areas of artificial intelligence research

The areas of AI are also called the problems of AI. Each are is considered as a problem of AI as they are still in the research era. Although there are number of industrial applications of the problems, still the AI problems are not fully solved.

Reasoning and problem solving is one of the most important issues in artificial intelligence research. This problem is considered as the one which is reasonably close to human thinking. Do you remember the computer ‘HAL 9000′ in 2001 Space Odyssey by Arthur C Clerk? If you do know, then you will have a slight idea of what scientists are expecting out of computers when it comes to reasoning and problem solving.
Knowledge representation is somewhat core to artificial intelligence research. If a computer is expected to reasonably ‘think’ and solve problems, the computer will require extensive knowledge about the world. Storing this knowledge and using it when it comes to other AI activities is the focus areas of knowledge representation.

Planning is another milestone planned in artificial intelligence research. This simply implies that the artificial intelligence agents should be able to setup goals for them, derive schedules, and achieve the goals successfully.

Machine learning has been one of the oldest areas for artificial intelligence research. It is assumed that creating machines that learn will give an extra hand to the scientists at extreme conditions. Natural language processing is also a core artificial intelligence research field which goes hand in hand with machine learning. Natural language processing allows the machine to listen and understand things via natural languages.

Tools for artificial intelligence research

Overtime, scientists have developed many successful methods for employing in artificial intelligence research. Although these are called ‘tool’, they are not physical tools, rather theoretical tools. As an example, consider logic programming. Logic programming is one of the prominent tools used in artificial intelligence research.

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