$365K Blog – Review

Last week-end I had the pleasure to download “$365k Blog Traffic Formula”


I will tell you in a second what this is all about, but for now let me share with you what this is not…

Guess what? This is not one of those ebooks which you can find free on the Warrior Forum or on other sites.

If you always wondered what the pro bloggers out there do to attract more cash and generate more traffic than you, look no further.

The best part in this 70-page printer-friendly PDF book is the overal content – 7 blogging “wizards” revealing the secret to their Internet success – free traffic strategies and top traffic sources.

So what’s in it for you?

Just picture this – imagine you could talk to one of these guys for a few minutes then you could learn one or two methods to better monetize your blogs by attracting higher quality traffic.

All this, without having to pay any consulting fees, attending their seminars or living the comfort of your own home.

You can actually download the book instantly and implement these traffic-getting strategies to your own blogs; that’s almost like stealing as the whole package costs a measly $37, one-time. That’s less than $6 per interview.

I think you agree with me here when I say that you will NEVER get the chance to talk with a pro blogger for $6, not even if you only had one question to ask!

What I also liked about “$365k Blog Traffic Formula” is the two additional interview stories included as bonus gift. I feel these interviews alone are worth more than the asking price of the whole package.

What I disliked about this product is that it doesn’t include an interview with my other favorite blogger [@CopyBlogger.com], hopefully a second version is coming soon, or I might hire someone handle this.

It’s in your best interest to grab “$365k Blog Traffic Formula” today if you want to learn the best free traffic methods of these pro bloggers: Chris Garrett, Daniel Scocco, Darren Rowse, Jack Humphrey, Jason Katzenback, Matt Garrett, Yaro Starek


5 Things to Avoid When Social Network Marketing

TJ Philpott asked:

Social network marketing has proven to be a very viable way to grow an online business. In fact it seems that many entrepreneurs rely primarily upon the social networks for marketing online. It is not uncommon to visit one of these sites and see a healthy percentage of the exchanges are targeting the solicitation of a product or service.

As recent history has shown online marketers are quick to identify growth opportunities for their businesses and social marketing has proven to be no exception.

The original intent of  social networking sites were for people to gather to share ideas, interests, stay in touch, or even meet new people all on a casual basis. With this in mind it is important to identify and adhere to the proper code of behavior that is expected while participating at one of these sites. This is especially true if your intent is to conduct business since your success will be based upon building relationships with other site members.

Here are 5 things you’ll want to avoid doing that could sabotage your social marketing efforts:

Not Taking Part in Discussions

The main idea of social networks is just that to ‘socialize’ with other members. You need and want to mingle to get become familiar with other participants while allowing them to become familiar with you. To not take part in online discussions and then attempt to market something is just downright rude. The result is you will be identified as nothing more than an opportunist or spammer and will rightfully be ignored.

Becoming Fully Automated

Some sites such as Twitter offer you the opportunity to program some of your comments in advance. The idea is great and is meant for people who want to interact at a certain time but will not be available. Some marketers and you know who you are, rely heavily if not exclusively on this type of automated system. Worse yet they don’t even try to interact all they do is repeatedly send sales pitches. Once again by doing this you’re destined to be ignored by others and labeled a spammer.

These are social networking sites whose intentions are for PEOPLE to interact NOT SOFTWARE!

Continually Selling

Your intent at these sites is to be building relationships with other members to gain their trust and loyalty. Eventually you can introduce different products or services but the majority of the interactions should be social in nature. If you’re constantly pitching a new product, idea, service, or opportunity NOBODY will want to associate with you.

Disruptive or Antisocial Behavior

Your conduct like everybody else at any social site should be courteous and respectful of others. You are a guest and should behave as such. Tactful and polite disagreements are acceptable but rudeness, vulgarity, harsh criticism or other like behavior should not be displayed.

Creating Fictitious Profiles

Most every site gives you the opportunity to ‘register’ your profile upon signing up and it is encouraged to do so. It’s hard to befriend or socialize with anybody when you don’t/won’t reveal your identity.

The same is true with falsifying your profile. What’s the sense? If you’re going to do that then why even bother joining? In fact people have a legitimate reason to ‘question’ your intentions if you are displaying a fake identity. If you are in business you obviously don’t intend to be so for long. That sends a real bad message!

Social network marketing can be an extremely effective and efficient way to grow your online business. and rapidly. There are many methods you can use for marketing online but few surpass the speedy results or ‘viral capabilities’ that these sites offer. It is up to you as a sincere and responsible business owner to identify and practice the proper etiquette that is expected when participating at any social site. Your ability to do so will enable you to maximize the full potential these sites have to offer for both you and your business.

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8 Steps To Mastering Social Network Marketing

Vimal asked:

Social Network Marketing is rapidly gaining popularity becoming the #1 internet marketing tool for businesses and entrepreneurs alike. Everyone on the net these days are surfing for something they need or want, be it information, products, or income opportunities. Sites like Facebook, Myspace and Twitter, although initially set up to keep in touch with friends, are now being used extensively by internet marketers. Although it is a bit more time consuming, nevertheless it is effective and most importantly, free.

I always wondered how I could utilise these sites for internet marketing purposes. I found it awkward to just approach a `friend’ on Facebook for example, and introduce them to a certain product or business opportunity. I used to find personally selling to people very difficult, so wasn’t this the same thing?

I had the privilege of attending Max Steingart’s seminar on social network marketing. Max Steingart is a US based internet marketer and mentor who solely uses social network sites to advertise his services. I would like to share with you some of his useful tips on how to use these sites effectively to generate traffic:

Max says that you should hold off sending people your link until you can determine what their need might be, if any. Sites like Facebook have search criterias so it is easy to identify and target people that might be looking for online business opportunities. A `friend’ on these sites isn’t usually the same as friends in the real world. It’s just networking. Everyone is on these sites for a reason. You are just looking for people whose main reason’ might line up with yours. He doesn’t talk to them about his business until he has asked them these questions, and therefore established a rapport.

1. What do you do?

2. What does that entail?

3. How long have you been doing it?

4. How are you affected by what is happening in the economy?

5. What did you do before?

6. How do you like what you’re doing?

7. Have you ever thought about doing anything else?

8. Have you ever considered making money on the Internet?

Mastering Social Networking requires patience, persistence and above all time. But the key message to remember is that it’s free and done well can reap massive rewards.

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