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Kurt Henninger asked:

There is a tremendous flurry of interest online in the home business industry about social network marketing and using it to be active on online social communities to get targeted traffic and leads for your business. However, what are the best ones to be on and where should one start their efforts promoting in this kind of community?

The fact remains that many of your best prospects do reside on social networking websites. However, for the best use of your time, just don’t get involved in too many networks, as they can be a huge drain on your time with little return on investment when you get into the smaller ones.

If you really look at it, social communities sites like,, and are the most worthwhile ones to jump into as they are all part of the 20 highest trafficked websites online in the world. is great to become active in, even if it is technically a video sharing and hosting website.

You see, one can become absolutely tied down if you get involved in too many social network marketing communities. Quite a few of them have become a spammers paradise where the only interaction you get on there are individuals emailing each other about their “latest and greatest” opportunity.

Absolutely you need to go and create profiles on each of those social network marketing communities. Include a snipet of information about you, your business, and what you are offering. Also, you really must include a link to either your lead capture page or mlm blog so you have a place for your prospective clients to go to.

However, most importantly, you really need to get on there and socialize with others. Meeting, greeting and interacting with others is the entire purpose of social network marketing webpages, business promotion comes 2nd.

A highly recommended book on the use of social network marketing is by Dave Evans, “Social Media Marketing – An Hour A Day”.

To learn more about how to use social network marketing to help build your business, read below and click on the link for more information.

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Ethics in Social Network Marketing


Unethical marketing practices on social media websites has backfired…badly. As in all marketing situations, it pays to have integrity. While much of social networking is out of your hands, there are many factors that you can control that will keep you out of the hot seat.

The first thing that you must always keep in mind when you embark on a social network marketing campaign is that you are joining a community. As with any community, business has its rightful place, but it does not have the right to invade people’s privacy. In your face, non-targeted, spam marketing will get you nowhere in a hurry.

Most social network marketers use websites like FaceBook and MySpace to try to drive traffic to another website. While it’s perfectly ethical to use social networking websites to spread a message to people who are genuinely interested, many people game the system with auto-friend adding programs and spam messages and bulletins. Again, anything non-targeted and spammy will not help your reputation.

Thankfully, social networking websites are becoming wise to these practices and are effectively weeding out and banning offenders.

As mentioned earlier, to use such websites as a marketing tool with integrity you need to participate as a member of the community. Get involved in groups that are related to your area, contribute, communicate and make friends that are genuinely interested in what you have to say and what you have to sell.

As you begin to publish more content on these websites, try to avoid direct marketing platitudes. For success, your content will need to be of genuine value and interest to other users. Also, never mislead potential clients. Don’t overdue your titles to try and lure clicks from visitors.

For example, instead of leaving a post on a blog pretending to be a consumer recommending your website or product, be up front about it. Explain that the product or website is yours and how it is relevant to the discussion. People will eventually see through dishonest marketing methods, even if they don’t right away. And one mistake could cost your reputation.

Also, when contributing in social networking websites, never use it as an opportunity to unfairly criticize competitors or their products. Don’t point out shortfalls. Point out what makes you different.

Since social network marketing can be seen as a form of publishing, be aware of online copyright issues. Read up on the basics of media law and know the potential dangers when it comes to defamation, invasion of privacy and intellectual property, and copyright infringement.

There are no hard and fast rules governing ethical behavior in social network marketing. Most communities are self regulated. So, be on your best behavior and you shouldn’t have any problems.

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Social Network Marketing Expands your Network and Online Business

Nivea David asked:

To achieve social networking benefits first thing comes in mind is the choice of network.

Choose the social network carefully before you join any. Your quality of traffic depends on the network you choose. When it comes to the selection of network site one should strive towards selecting the best one. Better network will give you better visitors. Choose the network that is something related to your interest and business. The next step is to create and update your profile. Always make your profile updated as your identity is always recognized by your profile. Visit other members to expand your network. Visiting other members will help you in expanding your ideas and work profiles.

Give importance to referrers for profitable social network marketing. With referrals you get value addition and relation with other members. Give due respect and value to other members. This will make you more influential member in the network and more people will take interest and part in your activities. This can inspire more and more people to visit your webpage. Later on it can assist in the expansion of your online business also. People will come to you when you have something to offer.

Try to increase connections to make a strong, good and wide network. This will benefit you in many ways. Provide solutions to other members who visit your profile. This will induce people to think about you as an expert. Share experiences with others by writing in blogs, postings in forums etc. Share your skill, tools and knowledge with other members on the network. Leave messages and comments to other members to make them feel good and in the long run build good relationships. Always create better and attractive pages. Visitors can get impressed by your pages. Try to add useful and relevant content in your page.

Thus you can get more people connected to you by using these social network marketing concepts to promote business oriented connections. As an entrepreneur and business man in the social networking website you can get many clients. There may be other business associates who will get your business. Thus it would result in productive social networking. By participating in other people discussion you can get more business contacts. So online businessman think social networking as a good base to advertise and market their products and services.

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Understanding Viral and Social Network Marketing

cadyna asked:

A friend tells you about the new range of food processors from a well known manufacturing company so the next time you are at the mall, you are going to be tempted to check it out. Word-of-mouth publicity is the oldest form of social network marketing and the internet is only helping it grow at a global scale. According to, 37% of all American Adult internet users along with 70% of online teens are involved in each month.

If these figures are anything to by, it is also predicted that by 2011, social network marketing will span at least half of all online adults and the online teens contribution is likely to go up to 84%! No big surprise here that the marketing arm of all major companies are keenly following this trend and investing in seriously. In fact, according to, $920 million has already been spent in 2007 on this form of marketing and the social network marketing industry is likely to see an influx of $1.6 billion in 2008!

Viral or social network marketing is a strong force and has some core characteristics which make it formidable:

1)      direct communication between users

2)      ability to spread a good word fast

3)      offers instant information by way of hyperlinks which results in quick re-action

4)      ability to go to the right demography right away

5)      cost per person approached is lower than direct marketing

6)      informal and easy-to-handle

7)      suitable for new product launches

8)      many networks like Orkut, Facebook, Squidoo, etc available for social network marketing

However, this form of online marketing is not suitable for all products and services. Custom services tend to feel shortchanged when utilizing viral marketing as users want a defined product of service to capture their imagination. The statistics stand in favor of social network marketing and it is likely that this is going to gain maturity and morph into a mainstream marketing activity in the near future.

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