Artificial Intelligence Robotics

Have you watch the movie ‘I, robot’? Are you scared by the level of intelligence the robots are expected to have in a few years time?

Artificial intelligence robotics is expected to have self consciousness in the next decade. With expected developments, artificial intelligence robotics will be able to take their own decisions and help humans with extreme activities where it is dangerous for humans to perform.

Whenever we hear ‘artificial intelligence robotics’ it is the humanoid robots that comes to our mind. But the field of artificial intelligence robotics is far wider than that. Instead of exploring the width and the depth of artificial intelligence robotics, let’s have a look at the components of artificial intelligence robotics.

When it comes to the structure, almost all the parts of the artificial intelligence robotics is made of mechanical, or in other words, kinematic chains with a lot of electrical motors. These mechanical parts are precisely controlled by a central processing system which includes a computer with some degree of artificial intelligence.

Power is an essential factor for artificial intelligence robotics to carry out their tasks. The most common power source is lead-acid batteries used by the current artificial intelligence robotics. In addition to this, there are alternative power sources such as compressed air containers, organic garbage (still in research), and radio active source. Although nuclear energy is an outstanding source of power, artificial intelligence robotics is too small and risky to contain nuclear energy.

When the motion and movements are considered, actuators are the main stakeholders. Actuators in artificial intelligence robotics do the same thing the muscles do in the human body. They convert the stored energy into movements. The central commanding unit controls each actuator for precisely measures movements. Among the modern actuators, motors, stepped motors, piezo motors, ultrasonic motors, air muscles, electronic polymers, and elastic nanotubes are the mostly used types.

For artificial intelligence robotics to be self aware (up to a certain degree), sensing is an important ability. Today’s artificial intelligence robotics is able to sense touch, vision, and sound for getting directions and for responding. Although these senses need to be improved significantly for better use, they already have been used in important projects to achieve successful results.

Locomotion is vital for artificial intelligence robotics as they are required to move to different locations for fulfilling their duties. Rolling, walking, flying, snaking, skating, swimming, and climbing are some of the existing ways of artificial intelligence robotics locomotion.

Blu Ray Disk

The fast evolution of technology made humans experience the latest advancements in the entertainment industry. One of the biggest evolutions was the arrival of DVD?s. It had a huge impact on the total entertainment experience. People did not have to go to the cinema hall to watch the movie they liked. They could experience it all at the comfort of their homes mainly because with DVD?s came the DVD player. These high-tech equipments had unmatched picture quality with high audio and video resolution.

A Blu ray disk has the same physical attributes as a standard DVD. The Blu ray disk has taken the optical disc technology to a higher level as it is mainly used for high-definition data and video storage. The Blu ray disk uses a blue-violet laser instead of the red laser which is used in the traditional type of DVD?s and thus named ?Blu ray? by everyone.

The Blu ray disk is famously known as a BD or a blue-ray disc. This has been developed by the Blu ray disk association; a group consisting of some of the highly known names in the consumer electronic trade. Some of them include renowned names such as Sony, Hitachi, Philips, Samsung, Panasonic, Hewlett Packard (HP), etc. The format in a Blu ray disk enables recording, rewriting and the playback of high definition video.

When talking about advantages, one of the major advantages a Blu ray disk has over a standard DVD is the high storage capacity. A single-layer Blu ray disk has a storage capacity of 25GB and the dual-layer Blu ray disk can store up to 50GB. It also has advanced audio and video codes, enabling a person to have the ultimate high-definition video viewing experience.

Unlike the traditional DVD, a Blu ray disk has storage capacity around five times higher than the normal one. A Blu ray disk can store around 9 hours of high-definition video and 23 hours of standard-definition video on a 50GB disk. Another advantage of the Blu ray disk is that the blue-violet laser in it has a shorter wavelength, hence enabling it to focus on a disc area with greater precision. The size of the disk is the same as a CD, but the storage capacity is much higher.

The major disadvantage is that sometimes standard DVD players are unable to recognize the format in these disks. But this is being rectified by the use of backward compatible players. Many of the CD?s and DVD?s can be used in a player which is compatible with Blu ray disks and DVD?s.

Digital Video Studio

Digital videos are the new way to go. Gone are the days when you needed to lug around a bulky, heavy video camera, change tapes and make sure the background was quiet when recording. We are now in that time when video cameras are sleek and sexy, tapes are a thing of the past and it does not matter how much noise there was in the background since you can always edit it out on the computer!

A digital video studio is a place where you can edit digital videos. It is probably the most important aspect of recording a video as a digital video studio is where you can do the proper editing, clip and add to the footage, and make sure the final product is what you or your client would need. A digital video studio has to have the right kind of equipment in it, but that is not all. All equipment, from the digital video camera to the software and hardware used, has to be compatible, help you to act efficiently, and be up to date on the new discoveries in digital video studio. There are 4 kinds of people who would have the need to use a digital video studio. They are consumers, department users, corporate users and professionals. Consumers are those who use a digital video studio only for a particular reason, like private video editing or to put up videos online. They do not need to know the exact nuances of all there is to a digital video studio. Department users also need to use a digital video studio on specific instance, like when they need to make presentations, and so the use of a digital video studio is basic for them too. Corporate users are a more serious group of individual who will need a digital video studio, as at this level the quality of the video and type of editing done will be scrutinized more than in the previous two categories. The most serious group of people who will need to use a digital video studio are those who consider video recording a livelihood, or are professionals. For this group of people the kind of quality a video footage has, real-time editing and flexibility during editing are the most important things to look for in a digital video studio, while cost and ease are not of that great importance. For whatever use, a digital video studio will be a great addition to make use of!

Computer Programming Jobs

The domain of computer science is one of the most diversified fields when it comes to the jobs. Within computer science, there are multiple disciplines such as programming, quality assurance etc. Since computer science is much more diversified than any other field, there are different jobs within the same discipline as well. As an example, there are dozens of computer programming jobs exist in the segment of computer programming. Let’s explore computer programming jobs diversity further.

There are a few titles given to the professionals in computer programming jobs. First of all, it is the programmer or in other words ‘coder’ is the one who write the executable program. This level of individual is not expected to know the technology entirely. These professionals are required to know the computer programming language used in developing the software. Syntax and the correct use of programming concepts and techniques are the main expectations from this specific category of computer programming jobs. These professionals are not held responsible for bigger modules; rather they are responsible for smaller program components or controls. Depending on the experience, they may be allocated higher responsibilities. In addition to that, it is not essential for programmers to know the ‘big picture’ of the solution they develop. This category of computer programming jobs can be considered as the lowest level in computer programming jobs.

Software designer is another job which is found in computer programming jobs. Usually the most experienced programmers move on to this career path. Although the programmers are required to write program code every day, the designers seldom write any code. Designers are more focused on the module level integration, interoperability, and technical correctness of the modules. Designers advice and guide the programmers in writing proper code and using correct approaches to develop the software. The designers are supposed have a greater understand of the tools and technologies used in developing the business solution and will have to take corrective actions when required. Of course the designers are interested in the ‘big picture’ and the final customer delivery, but the correct functionality of the business modules is their main priority.
Architects are the top most job category in computer programming jobs. They know the business solution top to bottom. In addition to that, they bear the responsibility of the entire software in terms of technical correctness and implementing the agreed requirements.

Architects are interested in the technology used in developing the business solution as well as the final outcome of the project. They advice the designers and programmers on correct practices and also introduces new trends in technology to the project or the company.