Artificial Intelligence Programs

In out everyday work, we may encounter with artificial intelligence programs but we may never know that. As an example, when you talk to an online help of a website, you maybe talking to a machine, but you still feel that you are talking to a human. If you are really interested in knowing how artificial intelligence programs work, here are a few software you can tryout.

Eliza is artificial intelligence chatting software. As one of the best artificial intelligence programs, Eliza can carryout a descent conversation with a human and also learn the new words and phrases at the same time. You can also simply team Eliza the words, sentences, names, numbers and anything related to language. Implemented using simple patter matching techniques, Eliza is one of the best known chattrbots in use.

Billy is one of the other prominent chattrbots where users can have a conversation with. The especially of Billy is that it can carefully observe the humans for understanding the language patterns although they are somewhat complex. In addition to that, Billy contains a huge knowledge database. As a result of that, Billy is capable of answering questions. The best thing about Billy is that it is freely available for anyone to use.

FzLab has been one of the prominent artificial intelligence programs for developing fuzzy systems. Unlike many other artificial intelligence development systems, FzLab contains an interactive graphical user interface for quick development of systems. A 3-D viewer is available for visualizing the fuzzy output in addition to the displays of sets, rules, and rule-matrix.

Fuzzy is another artificial intelligence programs that helps developing fuzzy systems. For developing fuzzy systems with Fuzzy, you may not require to have any programming knowledge as it provides you an interface for using its controls. Fuzzy consist of syntax checker, application generator, and a system simulator. Although this is not available for free, you can try out the software through a trial version.

Virtual Woman is one of the most popular artificial intelligence programs. This program made high artificial intelligence awareness among the young computer users. Virtual Woman is a product of a few technologies; artificial intelligence, video game, virtual reality, and chatbot. It was first made available for the general public in late 1980s and still available with in its latest version. The users can configure an onscreen woman with her ethnicity, personality, clothing, etc. Then the users can have a conversation with her on different matters and sometime she will start talking to you.

Digital Video Camera

A digital video camera is a camera that allows digital recording of videos using an electronic image sensor.

Previously, the cameras and their storage devices came separately. today?s modern world where portability is a key feature to electronic devices, digital video cameras are designed to be carried around with the consumer for recording videos and audios into a storage device. The modern day digital video camera thus, comes with in-built digital memory storage allowing improved hi-fi images, and longer recording times. In-built digital memory storage also permits digital video cameras to be designed in such a way that it can fit the human hand so that consumers may carry it around.

Choosing the right digital video camera is not very easy. It is important that you evaluate certain aspects before making the final decision. Your preference of formats will basically, determine the digital video camera that will work best for you. However, firstly, you need to figure out how much money you are willing to spend on the digital video camera and what you plan to use the digital video camera for. Prices of digital video cameras start from as little as $250 and can go up to $1000. If you plan to use the digital video camera for personal and family videos, a basic one chip camera should do the trick. Complex three chip digital video cameras are used mostly by independent film makers. Further, you need to decide on where you want your digital camera to record your videos – onto tapes, discs or memory cards.

When you are making your purchase decision, try out the digital video camera at the store to check its quality and performance. Check for things like video quality in dark lighting and in bright lighting. Note that pixels have a large impact on video quality – larger the number of pixels, the better the picture quality. Zooming is also a key function with cameras today. Optical zoom is more important than the digital zoom as it maintains video clarity.

Though, the above will help you choose a good digital video camera, it is always good to get other people?s input about the digital video camera that you intend to purchase. A number of websites like and will have reviews on the products you may be interested in. Moreover, if you do a little online research you may also find a good deal on your digital video camera, though it?s always best to buy it from a store near you.

Digital Video Stabilizer

Digital videos are the latest thing in videos now. Gone are the days when everything was recorded onto tape, and we need to make sure nothing happened to those tapes or all the footage would be lost. Now it is the time for DVDs and everything has gone digital. But there are many of us who still own some special and valued tapes that have some of the best memories in them. The only problem with having them on tape is that they are more likely to get ruined than if they were on a CD or DVD. What can be done? This is where a digital video stabilizer can be of great help.

A digital video stabilizer is one that can convert all the data on a videotape onto a DVD. The digital video stabilizer works such that it removes the copy-protection on the videotape, and makes it possible for the data on the videotape to be copied onto a DVD. The digital video stabilizer also helps copy data from videotape to videotape. It is important to note here that it is legal for the owner of the tape to make copies from the videotape onto the DVD for his own use, using the digital video stabilizer. Where are these equipment called a digital video stabilizer available for sale? A simple search online will give you many places where you can buy a digital video stabilizer, and many have the option of shipping it directly to your doorstep. Prices for a digital video stabilizer can range from around $20 to more than $40. Any digital video stabilizer works with any kind of VCR, but some of the digital video stabilizer work with only certain brand of DVD recorders. It is important to do some research on the model of the digital video recorder you are interested in purchasing before you actually do so, to see if it is compatible with the VCR and DVD recorder you already own.

A digital video stabilizer can be a great piece of equipment you own as now you will not have to worry about safe guarding all those tapes from when you were young. It is much easier to maintain the integrity of video footage when saved on a DVD, and a digital video stabilizer will make it easier for you to transfer that footage from tape to DVD with no loss of quality.