Sony Ericsson P990i

Sony Ericsson P990i is one of the many mobiles produced by a company with a worldwide reputation in electronics and communications. As it happens with most other electronic devices, there are good bits and bad bits about this product that should be carefully taken into consideration before making a purchase.

According to both experts and users Sony Ericsson P990i is one of the best of Sony Ericsson smart phones. It has a sleek design and it incorporates a QWERTY keyboard with the latest developments in mobile phone technology. Among its most highly praised and appreciated features, the phone includes a music player, a business card scanner, a 2-megapixel camera, video recording and Wi-Fi networks and 3G/UMTS platforms.

The weak points of Sony Ericsson P990i are the size, as it is a bit bulky, the fact that the QWERTY keyboard is considered too small by some users, and the price, which is too high, making it less affordable. Thus, although the perfect choice for tech-minded users, this telephone comes for too high a price for many buyers who may be tempted to look for it.

Sony Ericsson P990i phone has a memory stick PRO Duo and its installed flash memory is of 64 MB. There are lots of things this design offers in the area of messaging/data services, and here we refer to voice mail capability, SMS, Internet browser, GPRS, JAVA applications, mobile Email, messaging/data features ? XHTML browser, HSCSD, MMS, and WAP 2.0.

The phone also offers a lot of features in the cellular area such as: WCDMA (UMTS)/GMS technology, WCDMA (UMTS)/GSM 900/1800/1900, vibrating alert, automatic redial, call divert, call barring, call hold, call timer, caller ID, call waiting, volume control, internal antenna, ringer control, conference call capability, computer link, speakerphone, voice recorder, call transfer, polyphonic ringer, melody composer and so on.

Let us not overlook additional features that are also worth considering such as video clip recording and Radio Data Service, Bluetooth, IEE 802.11b or Infrared. Music lovers also benefit from the AAC, MP3 digital audio standards of Sony Ericsson P990i. Besides, you should consider the talk time of up to 540 minutes and the standby time of up to 400 hours. It also has a very audible battery alert.

Ever since Sony Ericsson P990i was presented by the company in the prototype format, many people have waited for its release as the P990i remains a serious smart phone that will satisfy tech-minded consumers and professionals. But, as mentioned before, the phone is also a budgetary challenge for many of those interested in the purchase.

Artificial Intelligence Modern Approach

There are number of books written in the field of artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence Modern Approach is one of the best books written for the field of artificial intelligence and the book is extensively used in the universities.

The book Artificial Intelligence Modern Approach was written by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig. The book has been crowned as the leading text book for the field of artificial intelligence. Currently it is reported that the book is used in thousand one hundred universities over hundred and two countries. I’m pretty sure that this is an amazing achievement for a text book.
Artificial Intelligence Modern Approach has eight parts explaining the modern approaches of artificial intelligence.

Part one simply introduces the field of artificial intelligence to the students. Since the book is designed for undergraduates, the readers need not to have any knowledge of artificial intelligence. In addition to that Artificial Intelligence Modern Approach introduces intelligence agents in the first part.
In the part two, artificial intelligence problem solving is introduced. Although someone will feel that it is too early to talk about artificial intelligence problem solving, this chapter simply explains the approaches used for problem solving without going to deeper discussions.

Part three to part seven of Artificial Intelligence Modern Approach is about different areas of artificial intelligences. Part three talks about knowledge and reasoning in a broader sense. In this chapter, much emphasis has been put on first-order logic and related problems.

Artificial intelligence planning is the next chapter in the book. Even in the real world of artificial intelligence, not enough emphasis is given for artificial intelligence planning. Therefore, dedicating an entire chapter for planning is a great move as it fulfills the knowledge requirement of the students.
Part five is entirely dedicated for uncertainty related problems. Uncertain knowledge and reasoning is what is under focus in this chapter. In addition to that, this chapter introduces a great deal of knowledge about simple and complex decision making in artificial intelligence.

Since machine learning is one of the important topics of artificial intelligence, Artificial Intelligence Modern Approach has dedicated the next part for machine learning. By giving the students the full picture of machine learning, this chapter talks about all sorts of machine learning activities.

Part seven is all about robotics. I think the authors have kept the most interesting part to the end of the book, just for keeping the students interested in the book. This is the part where the robotics is discussed in detail. At last, the book ends at part eight with the conclusions.


A videographer is someone who relies on videography to shoot moving images and record them directly on digital devices. It may be that the film is shot using classic video recording devices and stocked initially on film, but later the videographer will transfer the moving image onto a digital stocking device such as a CD or DVD for example. A good videographer will do great work with the film he or she will record by either editing or simply stocking it properly at someone?s request.

Most likely, we are all familiar with the notion of wedding videography as nowadays most couples that get married choose to have one of the best moments of their life stocked for later use. Of course, the videographer you choose will have a lot to work on the quality of the film that you will receive in the end after editing. The editing programs and options that the videographer will rely on make all the difference in the world. Based on the raw filming or recording of the important event, you may have someone else do the editing and polishing up afterwards.

There are pretty many people today who have specialized as in the videographer profession, yet you need to choose one that will guarantee a good job done. If you do not know how to find one for the important events in your life, then you can check Internet reviews or simply start asking around. It so happens that word of mouth works best in finding someone who will offer good services. In addition to recording digitally, a videographer can also help you stock your older films onto digital devices to make sure that you will have them for a longer time. Video tapes are believed to be less reliable than digital stocking devices because they do not have such a long life.

Moreover, video players and recorders are slowly turning into things of the past. For example, it is getting more and more difficult today to find audio tapes and most likely in the near future the same will happen with video tapes. In the same manner, cassette players are considered old-fashioned and the same thing will be said about video players in the near future. As a result, it might be more and more difficult to find video players in stores for you to watch old video tapes in case your original player has broken down. And that?s when you are to take into consideration seeing and receiving services offered by a videographer, if we are to keep up with the developing trends.