Artificial Intelligence Research

What is artificial intelligence research?

For any technology to go to the next level of maturity, extensive research on the subject is important. When it comes to artificial intelligence, nothing can be truer. The field of artificial intelligence is a product of committed research by dedicated scientists. Even today, majority of the artificial intelligence activities are centered in research.

Artificial intelligence has a history of 50 years in research. For these five decades, it has produced number of AI (Artificial intelligence) tools, introduced number of fields in to AI, and introduced number of AI problems.

The areas of artificial intelligence research

The areas of AI are also called the problems of AI. Each are is considered as a problem of AI as they are still in the research era. Although there are number of industrial applications of the problems, still the AI problems are not fully solved.

Reasoning and problem solving is one of the most important issues in artificial intelligence research. This problem is considered as the one which is reasonably close to human thinking. Do you remember the computer ‘HAL 9000′ in 2001 Space Odyssey by Arthur C Clerk? If you do know, then you will have a slight idea of what scientists are expecting out of computers when it comes to reasoning and problem solving.
Knowledge representation is somewhat core to artificial intelligence research. If a computer is expected to reasonably ‘think’ and solve problems, the computer will require extensive knowledge about the world. Storing this knowledge and using it when it comes to other AI activities is the focus areas of knowledge representation.

Planning is another milestone planned in artificial intelligence research. This simply implies that the artificial intelligence agents should be able to setup goals for them, derive schedules, and achieve the goals successfully.

Machine learning has been one of the oldest areas for artificial intelligence research. It is assumed that creating machines that learn will give an extra hand to the scientists at extreme conditions. Natural language processing is also a core artificial intelligence research field which goes hand in hand with machine learning. Natural language processing allows the machine to listen and understand things via natural languages.

Tools for artificial intelligence research

Overtime, scientists have developed many successful methods for employing in artificial intelligence research. Although these are called ‘tool’, they are not physical tools, rather theoretical tools. As an example, consider logic programming. Logic programming is one of the prominent tools used in artificial intelligence research.

Computer Programming

What is computer programming?

Computer programming is a phrase used with a wide scope. The action primarily means that developing or coding computer software using a computer programming language. Let’s look at the evolution of computer programming.

At the inception of Von Neumann computers, there was nothing called computer programming. Of course there were instructions given to the computers for carrying out certain tasks, but they were loosely called programming. These instructions lacked some of the properties of the programming practices we find nowadays.

In the early days, computer programming was purely performed with binary instructions. The computers were fed binary instructions as the computers could not understand any other language. Since feeding binary instructions was the most difficult task, the scientists were keen on developing an easier method for giving instructions to the computers. As a result of this, Assembly language was introduced for the world of computer programming.

Since Assembly language made computer programming easy, there were more scientists for the purpose of writing computer programs for early mainframes. Still, computer programming was performed by a selected group of scientists as there were only a few computers available in the world.

With the introduction of personal computer, the computer usage and computer literacy started to expand. Although there were only computer ‘users’ at first, ‘computer programmers’ started to emerge as there were more simple and straight forward computer programming languages introduced. The introduction of such computer programming languages made computer programming popular and fun.

When the visual programming languages (the languages that had visual components to drag-and-drop) started to emerge, computer programming became further easy. Even children with a fair knowledge of computer use could write simple computer programs with these visual languages.

How to get in to computer programming?

There are no formal qualifications or education requirements for getting in to computer programming. If you have degree in computer science, then it is surely a great foundation for your career. There are many genius programmers who come with no educational background but with a lot of creativity and commitment.
If you want to become an expert computer programmer, then you need to master the computer programming basics and techniques. Then you can move on learning your favorite computer programming language. Once you are an expert of the language, you can start working for a software company. But remember, to become a genius, you should know more than a programming language!

Professional Videographer

Lots of people choose a professional videographer for recording the essential moments of special events both in the form of pictures and digitally on CDs and DVDs. Why go professional and not amateurish? First of all because of the quality of the service, and secondly, because it is much more comfortable to be free of any worries concerning the pictures or the videos.

In case you are going to choose something other than a professional videographer, then make sure the friend you are going to rely on has some experience with manipulating the video camera and has a bit of skill in anticipating the moments of great importance during that day. A professional videographer would know what moments to hunt for, what to capture from among the multitude of small, apparently insignificant events and incidents; so, in case you have asked a friend to film the entire event, make sure he/she gets a little bit of documentation on how to best use the camera for a great outcome. You would surely not want to regret having chosen someone less experienced for such an important job.

If you choose to hire a professional videographer, however, many advantages will come with this decision. The competence level is definitely superior to any well-intended friend. The choices in terms of professionalism also vary. You have the option to go for a professional videographer who uses semi-professional equipment and that would cost a few hundred dollars. In case you are more sophisticated and demanding, you can hire the professional videographer with all the fully professional broadcasting equipment and even the entire crew to make it all as professional as possible and have the event recorded with several cameras. Of course, the latter option will cost not several hundred but several thousand dollars matching the quality and standards you opt for.

It is also important that you check the previous experience level of the professional videographer you intend to hire, to be satisfied with the work style and quality. If the style is too serious or on the contrary the special effects seem too simple and tend to affect the quality of the video, then, you are not talking to the right person, and you ought to keep searching until you find a professional videographer to be content with. Don’t be tempted only by the cheap price practiced by some service providers, because what comes cheap is cheap most of the time.