Computer Artificial Intelligence

The domains

Computer artificial intelligence is a diversified field in technology. It has its roots in almost all the technology domains in a well established manner. Let’s take space technology as an example. There are hundreds of computer artificial intelligence applications being used when launching a space shuttle. It is obvious that all the instruments and the sub-systems onboard a space shuttle cannot be fully monitored or maintained by the handful of the crew that flies. These computer artificial intelligence systems monitor these sub-systems and take decisions when a need arise.

Medicine is also one of the main fields to get computer artificial intelligence’s help. Medical tests and the diagnosis is the main activity in medicine where the artificial intelligence is more suitable for. As an example, it can be a tricky task for a doctor to diagnose and rule out something when the doctor has to look at thousands of tiny readings of test reports. Therefore, computer artificial intelligence systems are used to read the reports and take the decision of diagnosis.

Financial industry has gone in to a new era with the introduction of computer artificial intelligence system for ecommerce applications. The professionals in the field of finance had to spend a lot of time analyzing the existing stock market details for predicting the tomorrow’s market behaviors. With the introduction of artificial intelligence systems, this task has become as easy as clicking a couple of button of a computer software. The computer artificial intelligence software will analyze years of market patterns within a few seconds time and predict tomorrow’s with a dead accuracy.

Areas of computer artificial intelligence

Computer artificial intelligence was the outcome of the dream; people had to simulate the human consciousness. Therefore, human related activities take precedence over other areas of computer artificial intelligence. Reasoning and problem solving is one of the main areas where the humans have been thinking of delegating to the future electronic brains. This area directly involve in researches in step-by-step reasoning, solving puzzles, making logical decisions when playing board games such as chess, and dealing successfully with the uncertain or incomplete information.

Learning is one of the other aspects of computer artificial intelligence. The aim is to have machine that self learn and create a self awareness of it. When put in to a new environment, the machine should be able to grab the details and adapt accordingly. This is also geared toward space technology as the computer artificial intelligence systems sent to other planets will need to prior training if they can learn by themselves within a short period of time.

Blue Ray Recorder

Blue ray discs have revolutionized the digital and multimedia markets in a big way. People are already on the hunt for a good blue ray recorder. Even though the blue ray recorder is only available in Japan yet, it is expected to be released else where very soon.

If you?re still in the dark about blue ray technology, this may enlighten you somewhat. This is a new technology developed by many leading companies involved in the production of digital goods. Sony and pioneer started work on it first, when they were at war with Toshiba?s HD DVD format which was later abandoned. Now the world is eagerly waiting for the world wide spreading of this new high definition blue ray disc and the blue ray recorder.

Panasonic is claiming to have developed a new blue ray recorder with a hard disk capacity of one terabyte. That means about 400 hours of movies that can be stored. With high definition sound and video qualities the blue ray disc and blue ray recorder is rapidly becoming a must have device for people around the world. Be it a teenager with a incredible hunger for movies and games or a professional at work this new device is going to be a vital tool.

All leading companies such as Sony, Toshiba, and Panasonic are now after the major market share in blue ray recorder software. With a wide array of devices and combo devices which will provide the consumer with more options the blue ray recorder industry is set to be the most competitive market soon. Most companies have gained a head start like Sony and Panasonic. Many more companies has also been up for the challenge.

But the biggest problem for these blue ray recorders is that the consumers don?t get many options that come in blue ray discs just yet. So many buyers may think twice before buying a blue ray recorder. But the manufactures have played it well, by producing combo devices rather than sole blue ray recorders. So the consumer can watch discs in many formats including the conventional DVD and CD format. This will mean that until the market is dominated with blue ray discs the consumer is still capable of watching movies in any format.

Blue ray recorder devices are expected to dominate the market in the near future. Storing hundreds of movies and watching them with one push of a button may become the norm in the future. So the best thing we can do right now is get ourselves a blue ray recorder and enjoy the show as it unveils.

Search Engine Marketing Companies

Search engine marketing companies keep springing and thriving because buying and selling has become fashionable and rather practical in the virtual realm. People who may or may not have had businesses before think more and more about gaining ground online, as they see that this is the new environment where business shifts to. But in order to be known by potential customers, in order for them to find the information about products, prices and quality, you need something similar to regular or classic advertising that is practiced on the real market. This is what search engine marketing companies come forward to do; the only difference consists in that their job relies on the specificities of the computer world.

Search engine marketing companies use various techniques and strategies to make sure that every time a potential buyer types in words to describe and name the product that you want to sell, he or she will come across your web site very easily. Based on keywords and other strategies, the marketing employee will make it so that your site is ranked among the very first in the ranking made by the search engine. The very fact that your site will be at the top of the list with sites one can access when looking for products and services will guarantee visitor traffic which means potential buyers. In other words, search engine marketing companies perform search engine optimization shortened as SEO. If the search engine marketing companies do their job well, then the product and the reputation you build for your own company will have a great deal to say in terms of success and profit.

The services offered by the companies of this kind may include SEO, pay per click advertising and feed management. The pay per click system means that every time that one of the ads for your product or services is clicked on, you will need to pay the one who created them and manages them for you. But then, precisely because you pay per each click, your customer list should go up.

Search engine marketing companies are pretty keen on pleasing their own customers, that is you, and may offer you tips on how to run online campaigns in case you do not wish to hire them full time. Because they are the experts, they know the latest techniques and strategies to be used in order to stay up in the traffic volume of your site. Consultancy may thus be available whether the planner manages your campaigns or not: ask for this kind of service if you want to run your own campaigns but still need some guidance.

Artificial Intelligence Applications

In this brief article, we are trying to explore some of the artificial intelligence applications that have been in use to help the humans. These artificial intelligence applications consist of artificial intelligence components that control and manipulate the system.
AOLbyPhone was one of the most popular artificial intelligence applications that have been in the use for almost nine years. Started in year 2000, AOLbyPhone has been evolved from just an information service to an interactive voice message service.

Concept mining is one of most useful artificial intelligence applications that have looked at the conventional paradigm in a new dimension. Let’s take reading a novel as an example. This novel may have different concepts presented in different contexts. Most probably we forget everything once the book is read and everything else is history. Concept mining takes a different approach for the same. You can get Concept mining for ‘reading’ the artifacts and extract the concepts in the text. Eventually, it can build an array of concepts that can successfully work together.

Have you ever imagined about talking to your computer and get a computer program written? If you have, then DialogOS is the solution. This is one of the interesting artificial intelligence applications that are available for making programmer’s life easier. You can command DialogOS to write certain piece of code, so you reduce the time it takes to type it manually.

When it comes to astronomy, eSTAR has been observing the dark sky for gamma bursts and extra-solar planets for many years. This is one of the first artificial intelligence applications used for automatically observing the sky. While observing the said phenomena, it will divert its focus to ‘interesting’ scenarios that it sees in the sky based on the ‘decisions’ it makes on its ‘judgment’.

When it comes to the field of finance, there are number of artificial intelligence applications. FatCat is only one of them that have been under spotlight for many years. FatCat has the ability to recognize patterns and pick the right stocks for investments. Although using a computer program to select stock was not alien, FatCat was consisted as one step ahead. That was due to the fact that FatCat use nonlinear decision making system that resembles how a human thinks.

Natachata is one prominent artificial intelligence applications in support systems domain that will chat with you without making you feel that you are chatting with a machine. Many Internet websites (especially adult websites) use Natachata for automating the chat support system.