Videography is a term that relates to the process of making movies or recording moving images. The stocking devices that are used in videography could be pretty varied beginning with hard disks, memory sticks or flashes, and several others. There is also a difference between cinematography and videography, even if they basically refer to pretty much the same process, in that, in the case of the latter, images are recorded directly on electronic media rather than on film as is done in the case of the former. As far as the origin of the word is concerned, Latin has again had much to contribute to the invention of the term as video in this old language means I see whereas graphy refers to writing.

Back in the old days, people could not speak about videography because technology was not so advanced in order to require a new term. They used the word cinematography instead of the one under discussion here. But with the coming of the 21st century and the boom in technological development, the need for a new word arose in order to make a difference between the two processes that involved different stocking possibilities. Moreover, the age of the Internet brought about even more of the development of videography in itself as now the market has extended and has further become segmented taking into account the application that videography is concerned more with. The segments of this market could be event video, broadcast video, corporate video and the list could continue.

In addition to shooting images, videography has come to include even newer types of movies and here we can talk about animation of various types, digital animation, slide-shows, video blogging, video games, web streaming, and the like. This ever increasing and spreading process, that has gained so much ground during these modern times, may involve only work on the computer without even using devices that capture images. This means that computer programs are now designed to create animation. Mobile phones also use videography which clearly means that videography is within the use of anyone, although we definitely don’t refer to this concept when thinking about the pictures and videos we take with the phone camera.

Last but no least, videography refers to the collection of music videos or video films of an artist as compared to filmography, which means the collection of all the movies made by an actor, or discography, which refers to all the discs released on the market by a singer or a band.

Email Newsletter Software

Email marketing represents one of the most profitable means of making money online by using the principles of what is generally referred to as e-commerce. Special softwares are used as tools to design email campaigns, send messages and track results for a revenue generating business evolution. The functions played by various tools have very few limitations, since most of the communications established with customers are automatized by means of special email newsletter software programs. The necessity for the use of such tools comes from the impossibility to deal with thousands of email addresses and clients manually. However, the advantages that result from these applications are manifold.

A good email newsletter software will generate personalized messages allowing variations not only of opening formulas but of content with included images as well. Plus, a good program will also enable the user to follow up with new prospects by means of the so-called auto-responders. This means that all the new subscribers to your newsletter will be sent personalized mail messages at regular intervals of time that you set according to business purposes. Then, you can test the results of email campaigns by sending newsletters with a different content to certain groups of clients you’ve previously selected.

Moreover, an email newsletter software should also allow the user to send mail announcements, direct mail campaigns and all sorts of bulk messages without any limitation of the number of recipients. The systems on which such an email newsletter software relies is based on opt-in listings which eliminate or reduce the chances of malicious behavior in the first place. A quality tool will also provide a full statistical report with all the views or opens and clicks on links. Such statistics can serve well for the purpose of maximizing the impact of future email marketing campaigns also allowing the possibility of tracking individual subscribers too.

Companies with multiple departments may be interested in purchasing an email newsletter software that allows separate management by multiple users. This means that the applications on distinct email listings can be possible without any inconvenience. Among the other features that are crucial for the proper development of the email campaigns, we should also mention high-speed delivery, scheduled delivery, bounced address filtering, not to mention that certain softwares allow the user to run an individual hosted newsletter service in case a server is not part of the program. All in all, the softwares designed for email marketing purposes have made a revolution in the way business is conducted online.

Sony Phones

Cell phones definitely have difficult names to remember, and each company uses a specific denomination for its products. Sony Ericsson makes no difference from other major producers as most of the formats used for naming mobile items rely on five or six characters with both letters and figures. In an example like K750i, the capital letter represents the series of the Sony phones, while the remaining characters have each an attached meaning. Thus, the first figure defines the sub-category, the third indicates the progression made from the former product release while the last can either be a 0 or an 8. The final specifications also tell something about Sony phones.

Whether an 8 or a 0, such characters in the names of Sony phones refer to the product peculiarity when produced for a foreign market. Or, the number can set apart Sony phones that have identical technical features but different designs. The lowercase letter designates the market for which the Sony phones models are produced: thus, there will be ‘a’ for the America, ‘c’ for China and ‘i’ for the international market. In case the name of the product includes an ‘im’ particle, then, this will refer to the i-mode branding.

This is not the only way of naming Sony phones, since more recent designs and formats follow a three character pattern such as the P1i for instance. The capital letter tells the series of the phone, the number refers to progression as related to the previous releases and just as in the above model, the lowercase letter describes the target market. Code names are also attributed to Sony phones particularly to those that are in the process of development or improvement. Most such names are taken from the female tennis player sponsored by Sony Ericsson. You can find lists with such code names on all sorts of web pages if you are interested in the topic.

Although lots of people would find it a lot easier to understand the differences between various Sony phones just by looking at their names, many buyers don’t know how to interpret such information. Retailers will always have a large gallery of products including older models as well as the latest, and people keep guiding their choices after design and price tag. In fact, these are also the elements that producers work on when releasing a new model, even if technical superiority is also touched upon.