Computers Programming

There are many professional categories in the domain of computer science. In this brief article, we look in to the responsibilities of computers programming professionals.

Coding, or in other words, program writing, is the main responsibility of computers programming professionals. For this there are dozens of programming languages available. In addition to that, the programmers are required to follow predefined conventions and standards when writing their code.

Writing the source code is just not enough to produce working software. The programmer is required to successful compile and link the source, so the program can work on the target platform. For this steps, there are software called compilers (such as C compiler), that convert source code to binary instructions.
Once the program is written by a computers programming professional, he/she is required to document the purpose of the source code and the business problem addressed by the software. In addition to that, the documentation should be sufficient for anyone to continue further developing the software.

Once computers programming professionals write individual components of software, the modules then need to be integrated. This is also performed by the programmer with the help of the software architect of the project.

Maintainability is one of the most important aspects of software development. If software is not maintainable, then it is not a good software program. Therefore, the computers programming professionals are required to add maintainability to their software.

Although we mention ‘Requirements analysis’ at a later point of this article than at the beginning, this is one of the most important first steps in the software development life cycle. The rule is that a programmer needs to know the requirement for writing a software program as he/she needs to write the program in such way that it meets the said requirements.

Largely, software testing is a different profession than computers programming profession. But, the programmers are required to dry-test their own programming code for obvious logical errors before the software program is passed to the software quality assurance team. Software quality assurance team then test for the software for functional and non-functional requirements specified by the clients.

Debugging is one of the last steps involved in computers programming. Once the quality assurance team finds ‘bugs’ in the software, the computers programming professionals are supposed to resolve the ‘bugs’. For debugging, programmer use different technologies and approaches depending on the tools used and the type of the ‘bug’. In general most of the functional and non functional bugs are caused by logical errors in the program level.

Blu Ray Discs

In the early 1980?s, the world changed with the introduction of the CD. It offered excellent audio quality and its 650MB storage capacity was a great leap in data storage and retrieval. This was the first time people had access to pre-recorded, recordable and rewritable media at low costs. It enabled widespread recording and distribution of audio. However, in the 1990?s, the demand for higher storage capacities arose and led to the development of the DVD which was a 5 ? 10 x increase in storage capacity. Although it was a new technology, the new DVD format used the same form factor as the CD which facilitated the migration into the next generation format. This added to the DVD?s success with consumers.

Today, the blu ray discs are yet another revolution in technology. This new optical disc format is a proud development of the Blu Ray Disc Association (BDA) that include HP, Dell, LG, Hitachi, Apple, Samsung, Panasonic, JVC, Sony, Mitsubishi, Philips, Pioneer, Sharp, Thomson, and TDK. The BDA boasts 180 of the world’s leading consumer electronics, media and personal computer manufacturers.

Blu ray discs offer an increase in storage capacity with its 25GB on a single-layer disc to its 50GB on a dual-layer disc. It is the perfect definition of the ultimate user experience and allows the recording, rewriting, playback and distribution of high-definition videos. The blu ray discs have been founded on the bare disc physical form factor which makes it compatible with CDs and DVDs.

The blu ray discs, as the name suggests, uses a blue-violet laser to read and write data unlike the current technology which uses red laser. A blue-violet laser (405nm) has a far shorter wavelength than a red laser (650nm) making it possible to focus the laser spot with superior precision. The advantage of this is that, it permits data to be stored in less space since the data can be packed more tightly, which further, allows consumers to fit additional data on the disc even though it may be the same size as a CD or a DVD.
Presently supported by some of the world’s leading consumer electronics, personal computer, video game, recording media, and music companies, these new generation blu ray discs have also won the support of Hollywood studios and other smaller studios, some of whom have already announced the release of new movies on blu ray discs.

Blue Ray Dvd

Are you wondering what a blue ray dvd is? Confused about this new term? Not getting the difference between an ordinary dvd and a blue ray dvd? Well there are many differences and almost all of them are good ones when compared to our old friends. The Blue ray dvd is the next generation when it comes to the world of technology.

The blue ray dvd reader uses a blue laser to read data out of the disc unlike the normal red laser used to read dvd?s. Therefore the name blue ray dvd was given to it. This type of disc was pioneered mainly by Sony. But the final product needed all the big companies? help in order to make it this impressive.

The format war, between HD DVD?s and blue ray dvd?s saw a lot of development in the data storage devices in the world. Finally Toshiba who was mainly involved with HD DVD stepped out and canceled the HD DVD project. After that the leading company?s of the world, has come together under and outfit called the blue-ray disc association (BDA).

A main advantage of the new blue ray dvd is its storage capacity. It can store up to five times the storage capacity of a normal dvd. a single layer dvd can store up to 25 GB while a dual layer dvd can store up to 50 GB in any kind of data. This could prove to be absolutely brilliant for a person who needs a small but handy way to store large volumes of data. Like a researcher.

Another quality of the blue ray dvd is its use of improved and advance audio and video codecs. High definition movies can easily and impressively fit into one of these blur ray dvd?s. The viewer can store and watch more than twenty high definition movies using a single blue ray dvd. It all uses java software support.

Digital rights management is another aspect of security it gives to producers and users of blue ray dvd?s. The regional codes that are also available in discs may give more control to whole sale producers of blue ray dvd?s such as motion picture companies. It may help in market segmentation and also help companies to produce in accordance with regional values and beliefs.

Also there are many variations when it comes to blue ray dvd?s, such as mini blue ray dvd, blue ray dvd recordable, BD5 and BD 9 and also a variation called avcrec. For all movie lovers, gamers and workaholics alike the blue ray dvd is what you need for your future. Switch to it as soon as possible.

Digital Video Quality

Videos are by far the best way to keep the memory of a special day alive. After all what better way to relive those happy and memorable moments than to sit down one day and watch the video in the presence of the same people who were involved with that day, or even alone? Videos have been around for a long time now, from the day when they started to record footage using the old, bulky video cameras that save the videos on cassettes. But in the last two decades, we have seen how new technology has helped us improve the way we store the footage of those special moments. Digital videos were introduced and now they are as much a part of our lives as anything else.

The biggest difference between analog videos and digital videos is that the digital video quality is much, much higher than analog quality. And with the way it is saved, why wouldn?t it be? Digital video quality retains almost all of its original quality, as with digital videos you just need to store it on a computer, and then copy it onto some storage device or another. This means that all the copies you take of the video are taken directly from the original, unlike with the analog system where you have to make copies of the copies and so on. This means that digital video quality will be far superior to that of analog videos. What are the equipment you can use to take digital video of such great digital video quality? Well it is now normal for almost mobile phones and digital cameras to have the option available to record videos, but some of them cannot record videos with very good digital video quality. A lot of the digital video quality depends on the resolution of the camera taking the footage, plus how much of storage capabilities the device has, and so there are some mobile phones and digital cameras that can store videos, but they turn out looking very grainy, or dark, or with no proper sound. Because of this, is you want a video with good digital video quality, it would be best to use a digital video camera, or a mobile phone or digital camera which has great video resolution. Buying a device that will give you great digital video quality may seem a bit expensive, but it is an investment that you make which will last years to come. And there are many newer and better versions of the devices you may want to buy coming out almost weekly, which means that prices of the new devices that you can use to get good digital video quality will most likely reduce after about a month in the market.