Artificial Intelligence Research

What is artificial intelligence research?

For any technology to go to the next level of maturity, extensive research on the subject is important. When it comes to artificial intelligence, nothing can be truer. The field of artificial intelligence is a product of committed research by dedicated scientists. Even today, majority of the artificial intelligence activities are centered in research.

Artificial intelligence has a history of 50 years in research. For these five decades, it has produced number of AI (Artificial intelligence) tools, introduced number of fields in to AI, and introduced number of AI problems.

The areas of artificial intelligence research

The areas of AI are also called the problems of AI. Each are is considered as a problem of AI as they are still in the research era. Although there are number of industrial applications of the problems, still the AI problems are not fully solved.

Reasoning and problem solving is one of the most important issues in artificial intelligence research. This problem is considered as the one which is reasonably close to human thinking. Do you remember the computer ‘HAL 9000′ in 2001 Space Odyssey by Arthur C Clerk? If you do know, then you will have a slight idea of what scientists are expecting out of computers when it comes to reasoning and problem solving.
Knowledge representation is somewhat core to artificial intelligence research. If a computer is expected to reasonably ‘think’ and solve problems, the computer will require extensive knowledge about the world. Storing this knowledge and using it when it comes to other AI activities is the focus areas of knowledge representation.

Planning is another milestone planned in artificial intelligence research. This simply implies that the artificial intelligence agents should be able to setup goals for them, derive schedules, and achieve the goals successfully.

Machine learning has been one of the oldest areas for artificial intelligence research. It is assumed that creating machines that learn will give an extra hand to the scientists at extreme conditions. Natural language processing is also a core artificial intelligence research field which goes hand in hand with machine learning. Natural language processing allows the machine to listen and understand things via natural languages.

Tools for artificial intelligence research

Overtime, scientists have developed many successful methods for employing in artificial intelligence research. Although these are called ‘tool’, they are not physical tools, rather theoretical tools. As an example, consider logic programming. Logic programming is one of the prominent tools used in artificial intelligence research.

Computer Programming

What is computer programming?

Computer programming is a phrase used with a wide scope. The action primarily means that developing or coding computer software using a computer programming language. Let’s look at the evolution of computer programming.

At the inception of Von Neumann computers, there was nothing called computer programming. Of course there were instructions given to the computers for carrying out certain tasks, but they were loosely called programming. These instructions lacked some of the properties of the programming practices we find nowadays.

In the early days, computer programming was purely performed with binary instructions. The computers were fed binary instructions as the computers could not understand any other language. Since feeding binary instructions was the most difficult task, the scientists were keen on developing an easier method for giving instructions to the computers. As a result of this, Assembly language was introduced for the world of computer programming.

Since Assembly language made computer programming easy, there were more scientists for the purpose of writing computer programs for early mainframes. Still, computer programming was performed by a selected group of scientists as there were only a few computers available in the world.

With the introduction of personal computer, the computer usage and computer literacy started to expand. Although there were only computer ‘users’ at first, ‘computer programmers’ started to emerge as there were more simple and straight forward computer programming languages introduced. The introduction of such computer programming languages made computer programming popular and fun.

When the visual programming languages (the languages that had visual components to drag-and-drop) started to emerge, computer programming became further easy. Even children with a fair knowledge of computer use could write simple computer programs with these visual languages.

How to get in to computer programming?

There are no formal qualifications or education requirements for getting in to computer programming. If you have degree in computer science, then it is surely a great foundation for your career. There are many genius programmers who come with no educational background but with a lot of creativity and commitment.
If you want to become an expert computer programmer, then you need to master the computer programming basics and techniques. Then you can move on learning your favorite computer programming language. Once you are an expert of the language, you can start working for a software company. But remember, to become a genius, you should know more than a programming language!

Professional Videographer

Lots of people choose a professional videographer for recording the essential moments of special events both in the form of pictures and digitally on CDs and DVDs. Why go professional and not amateurish? First of all because of the quality of the service, and secondly, because it is much more comfortable to be free of any worries concerning the pictures or the videos.

In case you are going to choose something other than a professional videographer, then make sure the friend you are going to rely on has some experience with manipulating the video camera and has a bit of skill in anticipating the moments of great importance during that day. A professional videographer would know what moments to hunt for, what to capture from among the multitude of small, apparently insignificant events and incidents; so, in case you have asked a friend to film the entire event, make sure he/she gets a little bit of documentation on how to best use the camera for a great outcome. You would surely not want to regret having chosen someone less experienced for such an important job.

If you choose to hire a professional videographer, however, many advantages will come with this decision. The competence level is definitely superior to any well-intended friend. The choices in terms of professionalism also vary. You have the option to go for a professional videographer who uses semi-professional equipment and that would cost a few hundred dollars. In case you are more sophisticated and demanding, you can hire the professional videographer with all the fully professional broadcasting equipment and even the entire crew to make it all as professional as possible and have the event recorded with several cameras. Of course, the latter option will cost not several hundred but several thousand dollars matching the quality and standards you opt for.

It is also important that you check the previous experience level of the professional videographer you intend to hire, to be satisfied with the work style and quality. If the style is too serious or on the contrary the special effects seem too simple and tend to affect the quality of the video, then, you are not talking to the right person, and you ought to keep searching until you find a professional videographer to be content with. Don’t be tempted only by the cheap price practiced by some service providers, because what comes cheap is cheap most of the time.

Internet Marketing Consultant

The average type of services meant to optimize business performance on the Internet revolves around the optimization and promotion of web pages. A business that needs a boost to get in the big league or simply start making profit online, usually needs the aid of an Internet marketing consultant to increase the income and the return on investment. Thus, it all starts with the website navigational strategy and the content development. Any Internet marketing consultant relies on a number of in-house strategies that are meant to improve design, program functions, provide database access, increase page security and generate efficient links.

Incipient businesses also need to discuss the aspect of web hosting because many firms that play the function of Internet marketing consultant have this type of service available as well. It is important to understand what it means for your business to receive professional assistance and a boost to start growing in the right direction. Market studies, competition analysis, budget creation, strategies development, methods application, constant monitoring and statistics generation represent distinct stages or tasks performed by an Internet marketing consultant. However, the agreement or contract stipulates all the obligations and rights for both customer and provider, and therefore, all the services have to be mentioned.

Besides the fees for the services provided by the Internet marketing consultant monthly, there are other inherent expenses that should not be overlooked. When you get into the crazy world of Internet advertising, you need to have a budget prepared to bid for keywords, pay for subscriptions or join various communities. Basically, the Internet marketing consultant that you choose to work with, should give you all the information necessary to create the major points in the budget. This means that the costs will be anticipated by an estimate and an analysis of what the online presence of the business will mean in financial terms.

If you forget to discuss the important aspect of expenses or costs, you may be taken by surprise by some of the fees charged by the Internet marketing consultant. Normally, the price of the service should be mentioned in the written agreement, therefore, always read carefully any official document you are asked to sign. Scams have also been reported in the activity of some Internet marketing consultant companies, therefore, you should check any agency you work with at the Better Business Bureau to make sure that it has a clean record. Good luck!

Html Email Software

The use of an HTML email software has plenty of advantages in the context of email marketing campaigns because of the impact messages or newsletters have on the viewer from the graphical point of view. An HTML email is considered more successful than a plain text message because the page layout is more appealing allowing superior scanning and navigation features. This impact on the reader is directly related with the business owner’s possibility to measure the clickthroughs and thus the recipient’s interest in topics, products or services. There are nevertheless some challenges related to the use of HTML emails and this has everything to do with the encoding and decoding software tools.

The HTML email software is a tool that creates all the messages you send to your business contacts in a web format, meaning that they will access it as a regular web page. However, users of any HTML email software need to be aware of the fact that the display of the email will be greatly different depending on the recipient’s reading email desktop software. Thus, Outlook, AOL, Eudora, Thunderbird, Lotus Notes, Yahoo!, Google Mail and Hotmail, all have different ways of displaying the same email. Further tricks in the access to HTML emails come from the way the readers set the size of the windows, which is just an example of how complex things can get.

The alternative to using an HTML email software is to encode the pages manually, but this will take quite a lot of time if you need to communicate with business clients. A software tool therefore remains the most valuable option for the creation of high quality messages to send to contacts in the mailing lists. Most of the time a HTML email software is multi-functional, as it would normally include bulk mailing, tracking and reporting features as well. It all depends on what software you choose and in what variant.

All in all, the superiority of a HTML email software over a basic text generating one is beyond any doubt. Most of the tools presently available incorporate this feature as a standard mode one, however, the programs designed some five years ago were not using HTML extensively, but rather combinations of text and images. Even in the context of this high-tech progress, it is still a matter of choice when it comes to selecting the best email marketing software tool. Product reviews may help you make an opinion but usually direct trial is the most convincing.

Artificial Intelligence Books

What can you expect from artificial intelligence books?

There are many books available for the field of artificial intelligence. Although most of these artificial intelligence books are for geeks, there are some books for the ordinary people who are interested in the field of AI.

When it comes to artificial intelligence books, there is a significant difference of the spectrum of the available books. Take the theory of relativity as an example. In this niche of physics, there are books available from layman to physicists. Therefore, regardless of your knowledge in physics, you can always find a great book which addresses your level of understanding. When it comes to artificial intelligence books, they story is a little bit different. Although there handful of books that introduces AI for the general public, there is a vacuum for the intermediate level. This discourages the youth who are interested in AI, but were unable to get into a degree program in AI.

You can expect a layman’s introduction to the field of AI from the artificial intelligence books that have been written for the beginners. These books simply explain the evolution of the AI field and introduce the current developments and technologies. Once you read one of these books, you will have an overall idea of what artificial intelligence is and the common applications of AI.

When it comes to advanced artificial intelligence books, they are deliberately targeted at the AI degree level programs and above. It is really difficult for someone to understand the content of these books without proper mathematical and computer programming knowledge.

Finding artificial intelligence books

If you are starting with artificial intelligence, it is a wise idea not to spend your fortune on expensive books. The artificial intelligence books are quite expensive compared to many other subjects. For this, you can simply search the Internet and find free artificial intelligence books where you can download and read.

Once you are through with the basics and need to go in to the next level, you can simply explore an online book store such as Amazon has almost all the popular and important artificial intelligence books for a reasonable price. If you don’t mind buying second hand artificial intelligence books, then you have that option available on Amazon too.

Before you make your purchase, make sure that you read as much as user reviews about the book. For the artificial intelligence books available on Amazon, the user reviews are always included.

Digital Video Surveillance

Auto accidents are rapidly increasing in numbers and pretty much common these days in United States highways. This increasing number of accidents is mainly due to neglecting the speed limit. It is high time that the police must take action against exceeding the speed limits. The use of digital video surveillance is one very successful method of practically implementing speed limit barriers. Not only that today US police is finding it very reliable to use digital video surveillance cameras to find evidence of robberies and other criminal activities.
Surveillance equipments are used in many other objectives such as the traffic statistic gathering, parking assistance, and also movement analysis of an object. These Surveillance cameras are very useful in security related activities and have served both the army and the police in great deals over the years.

The use of a PTZ tracking camera will capture the activities of a moving object. This is a highly effective way of monitoring the security status of a company or a firm in the non working hours where you would expect no individuals to be inside the defined area. There are several types of cameras which are able to detect any excessive number of crowds in a specific area which is helpful to detect any harmful protest in the city. Not only the Surveillance cameras are able to detect a presence of an object but also it will help to detect if any object is missing. This is highly beneficial in providing security to a very valuable object. Once the camera detects that the object is missing, it will make an immediate alarm to the security officers in charge. Counting the number of people in a specified area will provide the security to detect any suspicious individuals.

Unlike in early days today the use of surveillance has grown in numbers due to the use of newer networking methods available. The TCP/IP networking system is been easily adapted in to security cameras. Since TCP/IP has been developed by the government of US it is free to use. This reduces the amount of expenses in using such network to a minimum.

With the new digital technologies such as the high compression ratio of security cameras hardware the maintenance of these equipments are very much less than what it was few years ago. More robust products are available these days to withstand the weather changes.
Many of these digital video surveillance products are readily available in online stores. This will provide you with the chance to compare the prices and the performance. After all you won?t be discouraged to appreciate yourself for putting up an effort to increase your security.

Marketing Consulting Services

Small and big companies nowadays heavily rely on marketing consulting services because they want to distinguish themselves from their competitors in order to gain advantages and, if possible, take the lead in the marketplace. Companies and agencies that offer such marketing consulting services look very promising especially if you access their Internet pages and see that they actually make huge pledges as to the success you are going to have once you hire them as consultants.

Indeed, especially if you are new on the market and new in the business field, it would be pretty wise to resort to a specialist willing to help you out with planning and strategizing, doing market research, thinking of ways to improve the product or service you intend to offer to the public, coming up with appealing ways and methods to promote your product, planning communication, designing a web site intended for marketing your product and so on. All the things mentioned above are what we call in one phrase marketing consulting services.

Marketing consulting services are now also offered online. Agencies and consultancy companies have created their own web sites in the hope that they will keep up with the business demand for assistance in the marketing field and heavily rely on the Internet. To put it all in different words, this is their strategy of marketing the services that they themselves have to offer. Another strategy they use to attract customers is to answer any three questions coming from those likely to contract them for marketing consulting services.

By answering any three questions freely they hope to attract new customers and talk them into how reliable a consultancy they can offer. You can imagine that their tactics include the fact that any site visitor is a potential customer and they would do their best to convince that particular potential customer that they are the ones he or she needs to help business grow.

Once you contract someone to provide you marketing consulting services, it is highly important that you keep the standards raised and that you go on requesting the same seriousness and dedication that they seemed to offer right from the very beginning. Remember that your goal is to improve your business, improve your marketing strategy overall and gain as much profit and popularity as possible. If the marketing consulting services you receive from a certain provider do not bring any results or if the results are insignificantly better, perhaps you ought to focus your attention on finding another company to help you with your business.

New Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson phones have been long considered some of the best versions of mobiles with great technical features. It seems that those who believe the company creates the most reliable phones also sustain the idea that new Sony Ericsson phones manage to keep up to date with all the requirements of the modern, ever developing world. For business people and those who work in the entertainment world, new Sony Ericsson phones are the best option if they manage to afford them.

One new Sony Ericsson phone that has been acclaimed as a highly performing one is Xperia X1. It looks extremely smart, not only because of its design but also because of the silver color it comes in. The panel display can be set to suit your interests and meet your needs. This new Sony Ericsson device allows you to quickly and very easily access all the information and applications inside. It is equipped with the new Windows Mobile system and as a result you can enjoy all the entertainment that you are used to on your computer or laptop. It is not only truly entertaining but also speedy in the way it opens applications and uses its Windows Mobile system. Taking into account that few phones nowadays rely on this system, it isn’t such a wonder that the new Sony Ericsson models will have it incorporated.

In terms of size, these phones that incorporate a lot of systems and applications are a little bigger than the regular ones created to suit lower budgets. The new Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 is about 17 mm thick, 110 mm long and 52 mm wide. It weighs 158 grams and these features somehow characterize most of the new Sony Ericsson phones as very intelligent devices. The phone is equipped with a touch screen that relies on 65,536 colors, and it has an internal memory of up to 400 MB while allowing a MicroSD? support of up to 16 GB. As a result you can imagine how much data you can store on it.

The new Sony Ericsson phones will keep developing and turning the communications world via phones into one that will replace that of computers. So far, computers are still needed especially in offices and business or other domains of activity, but as far as the personal domain is concerned, these devices have managed to take over. Most likely, the users that have already tried the new Sony Ericsson models will declare themselves completely satisfied with the products.

Computer Programming Degree

How important a computer programming degree?

If you are willing to enter in to the world of information technology, a proper foundation for your career is a must. Nowadays, people cannot absolutely enter in to a computer programming career without a computer programming degree.

Computer programming degree lays the necessary foundation for you to learn and understand the basics of computer programming. It introduces the history of computer science, the areas of its applications, the methods used for computer programming, and much more. Without this knowledge, one cannot really excel in the field of programming.

A basic degree or in other words, a first computer programming degree is vital if you are moving in to an academic career. Usually the higher degrees require you to score well in the base computer programming degrees, so you will have a better foundation.

When it comes to computer programming degrees, there are a few variations. Usually all the base computer programming degrees offer almost all the curriculum. But some exceptional institutions offer various curriculums based on the interest of the student. As an example, the base computer programming degrees in Computer Science and Information and Communication Technologies have two different objectives. These two computer programming degrees produce the professionals with two different skills sets. Almost all the computer programming degrees contain subjects such as fundamentals of computer science, analysis and design, databases, networking, graphics designing, and artificial intelligence systems.

To become a hardcore programmer, a computer programming degree alone is not sufficient. It is true that the computer programming degree lays good foundation in to the concepts and the practices, but the extensive practice in computer programming is what makes a programmer a geek. There are many courses in computer programming if you are planning to excel a particular programming language.

The avenues for getting a computer programming degree

There are three main ways of obtaining computer programming degree; fill-time, part-time, and online. Based on your convenience, you can choose one of the suitable programs. Usually the full-time degrees are taken by the students who are going through the traditional ladder of education. Part-time computer programming degree course are available for the mature students or the students who have a full-time job. The classes are usually conducted in the evenings or weekends.

Online computer programming degrees are the latest additions. You can select an online computer programming degree, so you do not have to physically be at the university. This has also enabled the students to obtain their degrees from foreign universities.