Personal Message From Darren Gaudry of MyInternetBusiness

The founder and president of MyInternetBusiness, Darren Gaudry, has sent out a personal message for people interested in joining him in his latest internet venture.  It looks like he enjoys what he’s doing.  Hope you enjoy the video.


This is a business that can give you the same kind of freedom that Darren Gaudry enjoys. If you’re looking for that kind of freedom and independence, check out MyInternetBusiness.

MyInternetBusiness Helps “Normal” People Make Money Online

Darren Gaudry’s release of his newest online business opportunity, MyInternetBusiness, is helping "normal" people make money online in record time and with minimal investment.

Launched in early April, MyInternetBusiness, is Gaudry’s answer to the "2-up" system that helped produce millions for him and his followers.  Unlike the previous compensation structure, there are no "qualifying sales" in MyInternetBusiness.  Instead, webpreneures joining this program are paid very generous commissions from the start.

Touting four different levels, the cost of joining MyInternetBusiness runs from $495 for the Bronze membership up to $2995 for the Platinum level.  Commissions for each run from $300 per sale up to $2000, depending on the package sold.

In addition to a healthy compensation plan and lucrative business model, MyInternetBusiness offers an impressive portfolio of products that significantly boost the value of the program.  Packages include both digital and physical products, many of which include master resell rights.  The content is a virtual powerhouse of internet marketing tools, training and money-making products.

Another huge benefit embedded in the MyInternetBusiness back office is a comprehensive marketing training module.  The system is rich in content and addresses both those brand new to the internet and marketing veterans. Plus, there are modules covering online and offline marketing techniques and strategies with step-by-step instructions and resources.

For those who are too busy or simply prefer not to talk with prospects directly, the program has an integrated followup system where professional business assistants will call your leads and help bring them into the business for you.  These "PBA’s" are professionally-trained sales representatives who can explain the details of MyInternetBusiness and show the value of joining the program.

There is much more to MyInternetBusiness that could be explored. All in all, this is one of the best home-based business opportunities I’ve seen for helping "normal" people to make money online.


Apple’s 3G iPhone: The Anticipation Builds

Apple chief executive Steve Jobs is expected to unveil the highly anticipated Apple 3G iphone later today.  There’s been more excitement over this new release than even Apple expected.  Sources have confirmed some modifications to the devices exterior design, including tapered edges and a glossy plastic back cover, which will give it an even more sleek design.

There are a lot of rumors flying around about what exactly the new device will include.  Some prognosticators are mentioning features like a front-facing camera for video conferencing, GPS and a significantly increased storage capacity.  The new Apple 3G phone is also touting a much faster interface with wireless technology and the ability to connect with corporate email systems.  This latest feature seems to come as an effort to lure more corporate clients away from the popular Blackberry and to entice more international buyers.

Apple has sold approximately five and a half million iphones to date — a small fraction of the global cell phone market.  This new release may help to increase their market share.

There is also speculation that the new Apple 3G iphone will be less expensive.  This could be the nudge that many have been waiting for.  We’ll find out soon.


GodCenteredWealth – New MLM Offers Great Promise

The newly-launched is the lead page for the Texas-based company, Zurvita.  Opened to the public in early 2008, Zurvita is quickly gaining momentum as one of the hottest new MLM’s to come along. Backed by the multi-million-dollar Amacore corporation, the company is built on an extremely solid financial base, giving it a huge advantage over most startups.

One of the trademarks of Zurvita is it’s uncompromising commitment to glorifying God within its business model while helping people to achieve financial independence. Founder and CEO, Mark Jarvis, openly shares his Christian faith in his introduction to the business and states that "the one purpose behind this business is to raise the standard of people’s lives."

The high standards of integrity and the exceptional level of assistance offered to new associates have helped Zurvita to skyrocket past competitors in recent months.  The company offers a variety of products and services that focus on saving money on things that people would normally spend their money on anyway.  Many people find this feature extremely lucrative, since they are not required to purchase anything "special" or to meet any type of monthly quota to qualify for company bonuses.

Forr more information, go to

New SpiderWebMarketing System 2.0 Launched

Founder and creator Kimball Roundgood recently launched the newest version of his SpiderWeb Marketing System through a worldwide webinar this week, causing quite a buzz around cyberspace.

The completely "FREE" system includes over 22 potential streams of income and, because of it’s zero-cost setup, is gaining popularity very quickly.  Just scanning the internet, it’s amazing how many netpreneures are jumping on board.  The webinar that I attended was packed by cyber-marketers wanting to find out more.

While the 2.0 version of the SpiderWeb Marketing System is still in Beta – which means a few glitches are still being worked out – the system itself seems quite solid. The site offers a "dynamic compression" structure that automatically loads affiliate id’s into each member’s site, guaranteeing that, when visitors are filling out their own systems, that the member’s links are being clicked on.  If someone opts not to join a particular program, the affiliate links from the "upline" member is automatically inserted.

This seems to be the latest and most technically-advanced offering of the "funded proposal" systems that have been successful for online marketers.  Even if a member decides not to pay for any of the services, his placement within the system offers him or her a strong opportunity to earn residual income from the affiliate links embedded within the program.

All in all, this looks like it’s going to be an extremely successful and profitable venture for all concerned.  Hats off to Roundgood and his team for making this available to the average Joe.

For more information, visit SpiderWeb Marketing System.