Is Passport to Wealth The Real Deal? … Or a Scam?

Is Passport to Wealth for real or is it a scam?  I looked at the program pretty thoroughly and what I found was actually quite impressive.

It is a fairly new company in the home business arena.   The “buzz” about it, however, has been amazing.


It’s working.  And it’s working for a LOT of people.

Passport to Wealth is what is known in the internet marketing community as a 2up program. This means that you pass up the first two sales to your sponsor.   This means your sponsor is motivated to help you learn how to do the business right.  Then everyone who comes after will pass THEIR first two sales up to you.  The resulting leverage is amazing.

The most powerful aspect of this program is its automated system.  It is simply one of the most powerful, innovative, automated internet marketing systems out there to date.  Their website is still the best one I have seen of all the internet programs that are vying for the entrepreneur’s interest.  There is like nothing else out there like it.  Plus, Passport to Wealth is GLOBAL, which means longevity and strength.

Passport to Wealth has continued to offer the hottest, most in demand software to the back office for free to each member.  The program provides viable, quality and relevant digital products, how- to e-programs and books as well as digital marketing tools this bundle consist of $75,000 worth of products for $997. The majority of these are high quality digital information products and Software on Internet Marketing and Sales. Members get to keep the full 100% commission payments of $997 as profit plus have full-resale rights to all the downloadable products. 

When examining the software products I could see that Passport to Wealth was going to make sure that they stayed on the cutting edge of the software industry. You receive 3 products for free just for taking the system for a free test drive.  Not only do people need these products, you can market any of the 220 products by themselves and keep 100% of the profit.

Harnessing the power of the internet to earn unlimited income is here. Passport to Wealth may not be for everybody, but it is for anybody who wants to make a fortune off the internet.  On the internet there is no real competition.

People who have a desire to earn extra income and massive income are flocking to this opportunity. In fact, the new System is causing competitors to worry over what promises to be the most explosive Online Opportunity seen in over a decade.  This program is enabling ordinary people the opportunity to make more than $1,000 per week from home. There is a definite need in the home business community today for online businesses that are able to deliver a real income while still being affordable.  And this is it.

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Is Learning HTML A Thing Of The Past?

With so much happening so fast in terms of web technology, it seems almost archaic to learn html anymore.  While I still see that it’s a HUGE advantage to learn how html code works and how to manipulate it to get your webpage to look like you want it to, there are a number of extremely good WYSIWYG html editors that are being offered for FREE

The site MY FREE WEBSITE BUILDER, for example, is completely free with no strings attached.  It has an impressive set of features that is flexible enough and powerful enough to make a very professional-looking website with ease.  They even have a pretty good video to help demonstrate how it works.

So while there are certain advantages to learning html code, it’s no longer necessary for someone to build a very nice-looking website on their own.